Anisur Rahman’s new song is comming

Publish: 1:23 AM, March 15, 2023 | Update: 1:23 AM, March 15, 2023

Although he has been singing on various occasions since his childhood, artist Anisur Rahman’s talent developed in the field of Islamic music in 2014. Anishur Rahman is a nasheed artist and sound engineer. He has reached the peak of popularity by singing several songs written and composed by himself. This youngster is currently working on his official YouTube channel. Rabiul Islam Jiban’s heartwarming arrangement “Three pieces of cloth” will be revealed in the coming holy Ramadan. Anishur Rahman has done the voice and music. So far, several songs of his own writing and composition have gained wide acclaim. His voiced songs are Malik Tumi, Mati Ghar, O Khoda Dayamay, Akuti, Nabir Raoza Sharif, Aee Sunder Phul Sunder Phal, Miche Jiban, also the patriotic song I Sing in Bengali, which also garnered a lot of praise.