There is no Magic in Teaching Profession

Publish: 3:33 PM, March 1, 2023 | Update: 3:33:PM, March 1, 2023

Naharin Chowdhury is a popular fashion designer of this generation. Currently she is the Head of Operation & Innovation of OCODE By Energypac. Beside that, Naharin Chowdhury is involved in the teaching at Shanto-Mariam University of Creative Technology. Naharin Chowdhury spoke to Bangladesh Today about her teaching profession and various contemporary issues. You are a teacher at santo-morium university. How are you enjoying the teaching sector? Naharin chowshury : I am not in the teaching profession for a long time but within this short time I am enjoying it a lot. I am sharing my experience with students which gives me such pleasure. On top of this, i was a student at this same university few years ago and now I am teaching here. It’s a great pleasure for me. As a teacher, how do you view this teaching profession? Naharin chowshury : To be honest teaching profession to me is to practice my knowledge and as I said before, my goal is to share my knowledge and experience with my students. That is how I look at it. What type of learning do you offer to your students?What are they learning from you? Naharin chowshury : I teach the 12th semester students. They already know everything. I take their WAD module, where they design and develop a whole collection by themselves. So basically a total outcome or showcase of what they learnt in the previous years of university. They are very creative, I just provide my guidance to the whole process from theme choosing to final output. You are in to the teaching profession for a short time but you became very popular during this short time. What is the magic behind it? Naharin chowshury : Hahahahah……. There is no magic in the teaching profession. Every teacher gives all their efforts to the students. My teachers did and as a teacher I am doing the same. As a fashion module teacher I deal with all the creative students here. Every one of them is separately creative and needs separate attention and care. I try to provide them that whole heartedly. What was the inspiration behind choosing to be a teacher? Naharin chowshury : My teachers are my inspiration. So far what i achieved, everything is for the efforts my teachers which they inserted in me. They believed in me and gave me the opportunity to be a teacher. I do not know if i can be that supportive like them ever but I will always try to be like them to my students. How you feel to be a teacher at an university where you were students few years back?. Naharin chowshury : It’s a fantastic feeling. I go back to the old days and cherish the moments I had a few years back which makes me proud of myself. Makes me imagine that I was sitting right where my students are sitting right now. I am thankful to my university that they build me to be this successful and gave me the opportunity to be a teacher here. I do not have any words to express this feeling. What will be your massage to the newcomers? Naharin chowshury : Newcomers are the future. They need a very good care from us. If they do well in the future, the country will do well. Though They are more creative, hard working and smarter than the last generation but They need to focus more and we should be responsible for their well nurturing.