JnU students in river research

Publish: 3:33 PM, November 22, 2018 | Update: 3:33:PM, November 22, 2018

Md. Soyaib,JnU

Jagannath University’s (JnU ) Geography and Environment Department’s students started the Habitat Survey of the river for the first time.

This river health research called River Habitat Survey is started in the Karatoya river in Panchagarh that will be continued till on November 21.

This study will be run across one and a half-kilometer area of Karatoya River. In addition to Panchagarh, the same research will be conducted in other two  rivers respectively Nilphamari and Lalmonirhat.

Moniruzzaman, Professor of Geography and Environmental Science Department of JnU, is leading the study where 71 students of the third year of same department of the university took part .

Researchers believe that through this study will be compared between previous and current conditions of the rivers,determining the height and depth of the water, the pollution of the rivers, the diversification of rivers life, sampling different things of rivers, the natural flow of the rivers, the rivers life and health and also different topics will emerge after completing work.

Nithora Mehrab , team leader and student ,says, “We have participated in research for the first time over river behavior and health.” This is part of our lesson. But through this, many new issues will come up with the river’s health, it’s behavior,problems and solutions.

Professor Moniruzzaman,chief conductor of the study, says to The Bangaldesh Today ,  our research is started as River Habitat Survey. Basically this is a research on river health. In fact, a lot of things will come up with the pollution, its use, obstruction, and the usefulness of the rivers every day. This is the first study of the students at the university level. These  reports of our research will be presented in the government-related division. We believe that the government will play an important role in planning the development of the river over the river.