Stylish Abaya by Makkia Hossain Maria, A Dedicated Brand for Your Stylish Yet Modest Attire

Publish: 6:24 PM, January 11, 2023 | Update: 6:24 PM, January 11, 2023

“Success only matters when you can do something for others; success is not mine alone; real success is when everyone else is having their basic needs met,” Makkia Hossain Maria, owner of the popular women’s attire brand ‘Stylish Abaya’ told this when asked about her success as a women entrepreneur.
Maria first started creating modest dresses with new styles for her satisfaction, and she didn’t intend to create a big business out of her little joy of creating dresses at first. Making eye-catching dresses was also a part of making herself keep busy when others were not around.
However, her biggest inspiration, her husband and parents, have always been there to motivate, push and support the small sudden ideas that let her try making dresses on a bigger scale creating the Stylish Abaya brand. Her children and in-laws also helped with focusing on her attire business. People started to like her products, and their positive feedback inspired her to go bigger.
Maria recruited many unemployed people for her business, and all of the staff worked wholeheartedly so the products could satisfy the customer to the fullest. Even customers can feel the result of the careful touch of their work on the dresses. Maria and Stylish Abaya got so many awards in the past years for their strong dedication. Maria has proved that one can be stylish at the same time maintain modesty in their attire. As she was born in Saudi Arabia, she always has a mind to maintain modesty. Hence, she worked with this theme and spread the combination of modesty and stylish vibe in the women’s clothing. For the very first time she brought bridal modest clothings for women when it was not so popular in our country.
Stylish Abaya has 3 outlets in Dhaka, two in Bashundhara City Shopping Mall, and another two in Banani. They have an outlet out of Dhaka also, which is in Sylhet. They are going to open the 6th mega outlet with a Moroccan theme in Mirpur-1. For customers all over the world, their social media pages act like online purchase centers. Even they have more than 10 lakh followers on social media who actively keep track of their new products for future purchases. However, Stylish Abaya has its first foreign outlet in the USA and also in Dubai.
Maria doesn’t plan much about the future as she says she’s satisfied with all she got. Although her next goals are to make new outlets of Stylish Abaya in different cities, introduce her products internationally, and make her business established overseas. And she is positive about her goals since all her customers like her products, and they also want easier access to beautiful dresses from Stylish Abaya.
This road to a successful business is not an easy one, but Maria is determined to break all the blocks in front of her and make living better for her and all around her for a better future. And she hopes her dear customers will do the same and inspire her to the end.