The “Stellar Women Awards” press conference was held at the bti Head Office

Publish: 9:25 PM, November 29, 2022 | Update: 9:25 PM, November 29, 2022

bti and The Daily Star jointly organizing the “Stellar Women” Awards. This special event will be held for the first time to recognize women from all walks of life. The special contributions of emerging, young and promising women from different walks of life will be rewarded. The “Stellar Women Awards” press conference was held on November 29, 2022, at the bti Head Office.

Mr. FR Khan, Managing Director of bti, various officials of the two organizations, and journalists from multiple media channels were present on occasion.

BTI has been working since 1984 to differentiate itself from conventional thinking. BTI will honor working women from different walks of life throughout the year to make a difference from the traditional awards show. Therefore, BTI and The Daily Star will award one woman each month in 12 different categories.

The categories are Entrepreneur/Startup, Sports, Agriculture, Education, Social Welfare, Culture, Technology, Architect, Writer, Journalist, Development Sector, and Corporate. And the entire award process will be organized by The Daily Star.

The Daily Star awards and honors in various sectors throughout the year to promote social development and progress of the country. In continuation, the country’s leading national English daily, The Daily Star, has associated with the Stellar Women Awards to recognize emerging women.

A representative of The Daily Star newspaper, said at the press conference, “As per our motto, The Daily Star has always operated ‘Fearless.’ That’s why we want to honor those women who, despite all the obstacles, have remained steadfast in their goals day after day. On the other hand, our thinking is in line with bti’s own opinion. That is why we are delighted to be working together with bti.”

About “Stellar Women”, BTI Managing Director Mr. FR Khan said, “bti always believes in women empowerment and works for that too. Through this initiative, we wish to honor all our women working for society and contributing to the nation. We are also very happy that The Daily Star remains with us in this prestigious event.”

The application process will start on 5th December. Visit “” to know the next steps & rules of participation.