Rong Polli is determined to spread color

Publish: 4:55 PM, November 8, 2022 | Update: 4:55 PM, November 8, 2022

This Rong Polli native saree brand started in 2019. This online shop of Rong Polli native sarees was started by four friends, they are Muhammed Shahjahan, Md. Moktar
Hossain, Md. Aminur Rahman and Nusrat Jahan. They started this online saree shop to have tea chats. They four friends were sitting and drinking tea in a tea shop one day while talking suddenly they were thinking of opening a saree shop. Among these four people, Nusrat Jahan is the wife of Md. Moktar Hossain. Nusrat Jahan’s choice of saree was the goodbye and they established this online shop with interest.
Rong Polli is the trusted online shop for native sarees. Rong Polli is one of the most important contributors to sarees in Bangladesh. Rong Polli is the number 1 online saree in Bangladesh. This is one of the examples of sarees in the country. Currently, Rong Polli is leading among the online saree shops in Bangladesh. Rong Polli is not only in the number 1 position in the country with native sarees, it is currently one of the preferred brands of women in the country. Rong Polli only promotes native sarees, and Rong Polli is one of those who are working with native sarees in Bangladesh.

The founders of Rong Polli said,
No matter how many new clothes come in the market, the importance of traditional saree is immense for women. As saree has been worn by women for ages, saree is also the identity of women. So saree business can always be called in fashion. And many people buy sarees throughout the year. So those who are thinking of doing saree business should start by following few steps. As there is no need to raise much capital, many people make good profit by selling sarees from home.
Moreover, first of all, you have to pay attention to the saree collection. From the latest light, heavy colored sarees to light sarees for older people, the collection should have everything. Any garment, even saree can be considered as a changing and competitive business. Even if the size of the saree does not change, the color, design texture which is the original material of a saree depends on the beauty of the saree, the saree is called by new names. So you have to be careful about what kind of sarees are going on in the market, what kind of sarees are preferred by girls of which age. You have to keep the latest collection in stock. It is very important to know the names of different types of sarees.