‘Ei Somoy’: 7 bands including Meghdol perform for Dhaka music lovers

Publish: 9:31 PM, October 16, 2022 | Update: 9:31 PM, October 16, 2022

Music lovers in Dhaka turned out at the series premiere of ‘Ei Somoy’, an exclusive series of concerts, at the Liberation War Museum auditorium on Friday, reports UNB.
‘Chapter One’ of this series had seven popular bands perform live – Meghdol, Avash, Shonar Bangla Circus, Shohojia, Shohortoli, Bangla Five and Apekkhik – captivating the packed auditorium from 3 pm till 10 pm.
Organised by Acoustica and powered by Metal Freak T-Shirt, the concert began with the performances of Apekkhik.
The autumnal afternoon was then greeted by Bangla Five, enthralling the fans with their popular tracks including “Left Right.” Sohortoli performed their fan-favourites after Bangla Five. Shohojia came up next with their popular tracks “Chhoto Pakhi,” “Ma,” “Jadukor” and more.
Fans enjoyed the songs by Shonar Bangla Circus next, known for their unique line-up and majestic theatrical performances. Vocalist Probar Ripon delivered one after another hit of the band, including “Ondho Deyal,” “Ami Valobashi Tomake,” “Mrittu Utpadon Karkhana” and more, alongside the captivating instrumental performances of his bandmates.
Avash with Tanzir Tuhin was up next, covering a couple of popular tracks including “Prithibita Naki Chhoto Hotey Hotey” by the Indian Bangla band Moheener Ghoraguli, alongside originals including “Avash” and “Nishchup Adhar.”
Meghdol, the showstopper band of the night, then took the stage and had the crowd singing along to “Esho Amar Shohore,” “Kichhu Bishad Hok Pakhi,” “Nirban,” and ended the show with their latest track “E Hawa” from their upcoming album ‘Aluminum er Dana.’
“We did this arrangement with some psychedelic bands for the first chapter, and in coming days, new bands will be added to this event,” said Saikot Biswas Tutul, coordinator of the concert. Beyond the capital, ‘Ei Somoy’ will move forward in different parts of the country, he added.