A Man Md Zahidul Islam Chowdhury for Journalism

Publish: 6:41 PM, October 16, 2022 | Update: 6:41 PM, October 16, 2022

Md Zahidul Islam Chowdhury is a Bangladeshi journalist based in Narayanganj who feels his duties to write for people, Society and Country. He always keeps his mind how can he helps others.

In his childhood, he always tried to help people to provide real information so that one could be his work properly such as how and where can one get information from government office.

When he was teenager and growing up, he wrote his first News Report about a murder case against oppression and published in Bangla Newspaper named Daily Sambazar from Dhaka. The Double Murder was taken on August in 1997 at Narayanganj City. By writing Against an unjust incident, he entered the free medium of expression like Journalism. He always stands Against injustice for the people’s benefit of the society out of his sense of responsibility.

According to Zahidul Islam Chowdhury, everyone cannot be a journalist. He believed, only the independent, Conscientious, responsible people write for the society and protest against the injustice through their writings.

In his childhood, he also wrote some poem and these poem already published on Amazon as an E-Book named The Younger Poet.

Md Zahidul Islam Chowdhury also founder and Editor ” The Narayanganj Page ” which is Only one and first English online news portal from Narayanganj, Bangladesh. He is former Reporter The Narayanganj Post. Now he works for Daily Nagar Sangbad and Staff reporter.

He completed his Gratulation degree from Narayanganj University College in 2007. In his personal life, he married Dr. Farjana Rahman who is a Medical Assistant.