Kajal killing mystery needs to be revealed soon

Publish: 4:20 PM, September 24, 2022 | Update: 4:20 PM, September 24, 2022

Sarwar Hossain Kajal, son of Ali Afzal Khan of PrioKati village of Kaneshwar union under Shariatpur district Damuda upazila, died at his lover’s house. The incident took place on the night of August 26 last. On the night before the incident, on August 25, Kajal came home from his workplace. Kajal works in a private pharmaceutical company. He used to get 32,000 taka salary. With this income, Kajal has been managing the world of happiness. Kajal is the younger of three brothers. Talking to the locals and classmates, Kajal is BA passed. He gave MA test.

As he get older, Kajal was introduced to the daughter of Md. Motiur Rahman Ansari, daughter of Dhankathi Union, Halima Begum. Halima Begum has been abducted by some of the worlds and finally, with Mohsin Sikder of Dhankati Union. Halima’s first house daughter Mohsina Rahman Sithin. Sithin’s father’s name is Khalilur Rahman. As Halima Begum recorded a woman who changed one man after another, her son, Sithin, could not ignore the true form of Sithin, because her life was gone at a young age. The kissing attraction of this cousin brought Mohsina Rahman Sithin Kajal to a hilarious fish and scorpion and a birthday invitation. And Mamun Ansari instructed Kajal to come to Sithin’s mother. Boyfriend Sithin called and what is late? Kajal returned home from Noakhali workplace on the night of August 28. The boy went to Shariatpur on a motorbike with his boyfriend Sithin. This is the end of Kajal’s life. At night, without telling anyone from the house, it was almost eleven o’clock in the night to meet Sithin. Dear Reader Mamun Ansari, CID of the Mymensingh Division of Police, created a beautiful drama script here. Mamun Ansari has already planned.

According to multiple sources, some tenants have been in contact with the killers in SP Mamun Ansari area. According to sources, such activities have been done in exchange for a large sum of money. Shaun Howlader, the notorious terrorist in the same area of Mamun Ansari, and his father Farooq Howlader, is Jangu Sardar, the father of the land. Shaun and land are professional killers, according to multiple responsible sources. Collecting the calllist of SP Mamun Ansari’s mobile number will bring out the information. What is Mamun Ansari’s relationship with such terrorists. Investigating the matter will uncover the mystery of the horrific murder. On the day of the incident, some more were associated with the two terrorists in the deep night. The night is deep. When Kajal came to the window and called Sithin, the Killing Group began to prepare. Just when Kajal reached the window, the killer’s forces suddenly grabbed Kajal from the window and killed him at a distance. And confirming death, Kajol’s body was left behind the house. But lover Sithin told reporters that Kajal had committed suicide and with the window of his house. This is completely false. Sithin’s grandfather Md. Matiur Rahman said that Kajal was not found hanging with the window. The lover Sithin went to the window a few minutes later. Without seeing the way, the scissors cut the rope with a sharp weapon and started taking them to the hospital according to the rules. In the meantime, Kajol’s father was informed by Sithin’s phone from Kajol’s use of Kajol’s father. When Kajol’s family members went to the Upazila Health Complex and talked to the doctors on duty, they said that Kajal had died 20 minutes ago. Who is this Mamun Ansari? Md. Mamunul Haque alias, Mamun Ansari, son of Md.

Motiur Rahman of ward no. 9 of Dhankati union. Currently, the Superintendent of Police in the police department is working in CID Mymensingh. He was an active cadre of Chhatra Shibir while studying at Dhaka University. The matter is true and information based. Father Matiur Rahman Ansari has served as the president of the Damuda Upazila Jamaat. Mamun’s father-in-law, Idris Maulvi, is one of the opponents of the liberation war and the absconding accused of the verdict of the war criminal case. Mamun’s brother Baki Ansari’s father-in-law was the president of the SIDA union. His sister-in-law was the president of the Dhankati Union Jamaat. This family is an anti-independence family, evidence of its involvement in the pages of history is recorded in various intelligence agencies of Bangladesh’s law and order. A few years ago, Mamun Ansari’s job goes away. Mamun Ansari is working in the intelligence agency of an important police department of this government. He is currently working in CID’s Mymensingh. CID, a prominent police agency of the church, is a war criminal like Mamun and some of the top local politicians in the country have said that the responsibility of serving the people of the state by posting the child of the church is useless. With his nephew, he developed about the love of a simple son in the area. Mamun Ansari, a police officer, could not accept the matter.

According to locals and responsible sources, allegations of using the police administration in various ways to kill him tactfully and destroy the murder evidence have been found. Mamun’s wife Farhana is a senior doctor at Dhaka Medical College Hospital. On the other hand, Mamun’s Schalk is a doctor at Shariatpur Sadar Hospital. Mamun Ansari, a police officer, has said that Mamun’s shalk and wife are sufficient to destroy or end Kajol’s postmortem report. He also said that he was threatening to not sue Kajol’s father in various ways by calling him on mobile phones. There will be no profit in the case. I am a senior CID official. Kajol’s family claims that CID officer Mamun Ansari has the opportunity to abuse the power after Sarwar Hossain Kajal went to the forensic department of Mohakhali. Kajol’s family told this delegation that the Prime Minister and Home Minister caught the attention of my brother and wanted a proper trial of how the Jamaat and war criminals were doing Mamun Ansari’s job in an important place like the police department in Bangladesh. The matter should be investigated.