Maria Mrittik: Uplifting Women Empowerment in Bangladesh with WLC

Publish: 4:41 PM, September 16, 2022 | Update: 4:41 PM, September 16, 2022

‘If women want something, they can do everything,’- We have got proof of these words several times. This era is for women to come forward and glow with their own talent. Bangladeshi women are also leading towards successful careers. Organizations like the Women Leadership Corporation (WLC) made this possible to inspire women to be an entrepreneur and step forward in their dream.
Women Leadership Corporation (WLC) started its journey in 2020, targeting to help women entrepreneurs. Maria Mrittik, the founder and president of WLC, always is a make-up artist since 2018. She is an individual with all the leadership qualities and determined to do something for the women who have the potential. From this thought, she established her organization WLC.
Maria Mrittik won the ‘Asian Excellence Award 2022’ in the Best Women Leadership category at Asia’s biggest lifestyle-based awards event in Mumbai, India. Being a Bangladeshi woman, this is a massive achievement for her to be the winner of an international award. Though many renowned organizations were nominated for the award, Maria Mrittik caught the attention of all for her strenuous work in developing women’s leadership in Bangladesh. Maria said that this is an honor for her to receive the award from Bollywood star actress Madhuri Dikshit.
Women Leadership Corporation has been working in various ways to uplift women who have the potential to bring significant change. They are making efforts to introduce Bangladesh to the world as a unique model of women empowerment by contributing to the country’s socio-economic development. Women Leadership Corporation organized The Majestic Affair Lifestyle & Bridal Industry Awards & Expo 2021 with women entrepreneurs from different parts of the country with the aim of encouraging women. They have awarded 17 women for their innovative ideas and initiatives for the betterment of the society. This event helps women to get to know each other and build a strong community.
Maria said, “We have been working for the past three years so that all the women entrepreneurs of the country can work together to deal with the country’s economic imbalance after Corona.”
Maria Mrittik is an international make-up artist and social worker working for the socio-economic development of women. Also, she provides makeup training in the country and internationally. She is associated as a goodwill ambassador for several prominent brands in the country. The work of Maria Mrittik and her WLC is determined to bring a massive change to women’s leadership in Bangladesh.