Nodi Khondaker: Dreamer of world standard make-up industry

Publish: 8:27 PM, September 17, 2022 | Update: 10:44:AM, September 21, 2022

We all dream but very few can convert the dreams into reality. Nodi Khondaker, a Bangladesh-born Swedish Teacher, Makeup Artist, Trainer and a Social Media Influencer, widely known for her exquisite facebook live presentation skills, is such an example who build her fate by herself.
Nodi was born in Dhaka but moved to Sweden with her family when she was four only and completed her education in Sweden. She then, persuaded her career as a school teacher, one of the noble profession in the world. But she is a born-artist and her passion for make-up artistry led her towards an adventurous life in the glomour world.
The bold beauty wanted to get involved with fashion and latest trends as she have strong passion for beauty art. She therefore, left off teaching in her mid 20s and decided to learn makeup form various well known beauty trainers in Sweden.
Nodi Khondaker established “Nodi Khondaker’s Makeover” in 2019. The story of her initiation is like a fable. She visited Bangladesh from Sweden in 2017, which was a short trip but she became obsessed with this city so much that she decided to stay here for a while. She contemplated to make the best use of her time in Dhaka and started offering basic to advance level makeup coaching classes for make-up loving women and got tremendous response since there weren’t many makeup instructors available in Dhaka. She also gained a lot of social media followers during this period as her makeover and product review live sessions on facebook became extremely popular among her followers.
As a passionate and workaholic fellow, Nodi decided to shift to Bangladesh permanently in 2019 and initiated her Bridal & party makeovers organization. Her makeover venture grew rapidly over time because of her splendid skills, hard work and charming persona, which also made her get offers from various reputed brands in Bangladesh to review and promote their brands on her social media platforms as a social media influencer.
Her presentation got huge appreciation and even during pandemic period, a large number of brands showed interest to work with her for her strong work ethics and passion towards her work.
Nodi’s journey from school teaching in Sweden to being a social media influencer in Dhaka proved that passion and strong determination for work can bring a stable life. She’s currently working as a brand ambassador, with a handful of luxurious clothing, accessory and beauty brands alongside her makeup artistic activities.
She cherish a dream to establish a full-fledged beauty school and beauty salon in Dhaka in the near future. Nodi also wants to give the young girls in the society a lesson about the importance of self-confidence, financial independence and taking control of her own life.