Bazar365, the country’s first environment-friendly grocery store

Publish: 9:44 PM, September 18, 2022 | Update: 9:49:PM, September 18, 2022

Bazar365, the country’s first environment-friendly grocery store, where you can earn free grocery by returning your purchased plastics.

Bazar365 is well-known in the startup sector as Bangladesh’s first green-tech focused online grocery store. This online grocery store has been effectively providing services to the best of their ability for the past 1.5 years. Recently Bazar365 has received seed funding from a local investor. On September 15, Bazar365 will reopen its doors with the goal of providing customers with better services.

As plastic pollution increases, so does the environmental crisis. In response to this, Bazar365 has taken a revolutionary step to decrease the damaging impacts of plastic pollution on the environment. Bazar365 has given customers the incredible ability to return plastic waste in return for redeemable discounts to stop plastic waste from being inappropriately disposed of and dumped everywhere. This project was started to raise awareness of both sustainable business and environmental development. Furthermore, Bazar365 is confident in their same-day capability to deliver goods all around Dhaka.

Our collective efforts are now required if we are to stop environmental plastic contamination.Recycle plastics rather than simply throwing them in the trash. Create a lovely planet for the generation after you, then. Manage the waste from plastics to begin your magic!