A story of a successful entrepreneur of Lakshmipur district

Publish: 2:58 AM, September 17, 2022 | Update: 2:58 AM, September 17, 2022

Md. Ismail Ahmed of Lakshmipur Kamalnagar Upazila. Started working in business and digital marketing in 2018 to become independent. In the beginning there was no one outside except his family. But currently his monthly income is thousands of rupees.

Md. Ismail Ahmed was born on August 3, 2002 in Lakshmipur district. He grew up there. His father Nur Mohammad and mother Nur Jahan Begum. Ismail’s passion is technology. His love for technology grew day by day. So, after overcoming various hurdles in the village, along with his studies, he started his digital marketing career at the age of 16.

Along with studies, Ismail worked hard. Although not successful in the beginning, after four long years of hard work, now he is successful in business and digital marketing. Ismail is also training many people who want to earn by working online. Currently, more than 15 hundred youths are earning thousands of rupees by doing business and digital marketing with training from this young man.

Ismail is a student of Lakshmipur Government College. Established a training center named “Ismail Varieties Store” in Lakshmipur city. There he teaches young people about all his business activities and outsourcing including Affiliate Marketing, SEO (Search Engine Optimization), Lead Generation, CPA Marketing, Content Marketing, Social Media Marketing. At present, half a hundred students are undergoing training on digital marketing and business in his institution.

Md. Ismail Ahmed said, in the beginning, no one gave support except the family. Many relatives and friends said that life will not go on with these things, just a waste of time. Today their perception has changed.

This young man who became successful in digital marketing said that no one should be unemployed if he wants to earn through digital marketing or business. Many are learning from the wrong place while doing digital marketing or business. Due to which they are losing interest. For this reason, he called for proper training at the right place.

Ismail is running an organization called “Independent Entrepreneur” alongside his organization. “Independent Entrepreneur” was launched by Abed Sarkar in 2019. Presently Md. Ismail Ahmed, Abed Sarker and Sakib Rafsan manage the “Independent Entrepreneur” organization.