Shooting of Habib’s govt funded ‘Japito Jibon’ to begin in Sept

Publish: 10:20 PM, August 31, 2022 | Update: 10:20:PM, August 31, 2022

Habibul Islam Habib is one of the popular playwrights, directors and producers of the country. As a director, Habib has earned huge acclamation for his short films. Habib is now making a film based on noted writer Selina Hossain’s novel ‘Japito Jibon’ with the same title. The shooting of the government- funded film is likely to begin in September this year.
About the film, Habib said, “The story of the film ‘Japito Jibon’ is based on the Partition of Bengal in 1947 and the Language Movement in 1952. Selina Hossian depicts the scenario of Bengal Partition and Language Movement wonderfully in her novel ‘Japito Jibon’. I hope the story of the film will touch the audience heart.”
“Hopefully, the shooting of the film will begin in September. Now, the pre-shooting activities, including selecting cast and locations are going on. Already, we have received fund for the film from information ministry. I hope the film will be released in theatres on February 21 in 2023,” Habib added.
‘Japito Jibon’ is the second film of Habib. His first movie ‘Ratrir Jatri’ starring Moushumi and Anisru Rahman Milon was released in 2019. Actually, Habib is a short film and drama maker. He started working as a director in the nineties. In that time, he formed a drama group named ‘Prekkhapat’ with his friends and relatives. The play ‘Lately he is a Gentleman’ was brought by the theater troupe. The play is written and directed by Habibul Islam Habib. The play was well received by the audience. Then, he came up with another anti-authoritarian drama ‘Around the Barricade’.
His play ‘Bhalobasa Bhalobasaya’ was aired on BTV in 1994. This drama also leaves a mark in the minds of the audience.
Against the backdrop of the 1990 uprising, he made a short film called ‘Victory Ninety’. Rokeya Prachy started his journey as a wall actor with this short film.
Habib’s specialty is that he is enthusiastic to work on new topics. His drama serial ‘Goyenda Kahini’ which was aired on ATN Bangla is the first Bengali TV serial made in Bengali.
The current president of Bangladesh Film and Media Society, Habib has been vocal for almost three years demanding construction of modern cinema halls.
He has been campaign for setting up one cineplex in each of the 300 constituencies of the country. He said, “If a cineplex is built in a parliamentary seat, we will get 300 cineplexes throughout the country. I think it will play a vital role in the development of our film industry.”