BNP-led 20-Party Alliance to participate in the election

Publish: 12:19 PM, November 11, 2018 | Update: 12:19:PM, November 11, 2018

The BNP-led 20-Party Alliance has decided to contest in the upcoming 11th general election, slated for December 23.

Oli Ahmed, president of Liberal Democratic Party (LDP), one of the coalition members of the 20-Party Alliance, announced this at a press briefing at the BNP Chairperson’s Gulshan office, in Dhaka, on Sunday.

“We are participating in the election though most of our demands have not yet been fulfilled. However, we are taking part in the polls to maintain democracy,” he said.

Oli, the former BNP leader, urged the prime minister to release BNP Chairperson Khaleda Zia from jail before the election.

“We appeal to the prime minister to release our alliance leader, Khaleda Zia, before the election,” he said.

The alliance demanded the polls be deferred by a month.

It also demanded the army be deployed with magistracy power seven days prior to and following the election.

Oli added that they will continue a political movement demanding the cases against BNP Khaleda Zia be removed.

He urged the prime minister to direct law enforcement agencies to stop arresting BNP activists and filing cases against them.

The LDP chief said that they will decide on the submission of nomination papers and electoral symbols later.

The alliance Coordinator Nazrul Islam Khan and other leaders of the coalition were present at the briefing.

The deadline to submit nomination papers is November 19, the date to scrutinize nomination papers is November 22, and the last date to withdraw nomination papers is November 29.