Aupsara flew the red and green flag in America with Bengali tunes

Publish: 12:16 PM, August 12, 2022 | Update: 12:16:PM, August 12, 2022

Although her parents are from Bangladesh, the 11-year-old Aupsara Banik grew up in far America. Where she learns music along with her studies.

Aupsara’s skilled in Rabindra sangeet, Nazrul sangeet, and patriotic or modern songs. There is an English song with her writing and melody!

Although growing up in a foreign country, it is not true that Aupsara does not have Bengali in her heart. Whenever she gets a chance, this little artist spread the music in Bengal, especially in singing competitions. For example, recently she participated in the International Indian Icon event held in Chicago IL.

She represented Bangladesh she was the third runner-up and earned this reputation by competing with artists from 22 countries. She is also the winner of the 35th Fobana Music Idol 2021 in Washington DC Aupsara of American origin recently arrived in Bangladesh with the money earned from many competitions.

She extended her hands of support to the underprivileged children. She contributed to education and food through Bidyanondo Foundation and Chayatal Foundation.

Giving food to the poor people on the streets at night. In this context, Aupsara said, “Even though I grew up abroad, my heart always cries for my country. Always looking for opportunities to do something for the people of Bangladesh.

I came to Bangladesh once with my family in 2017. Then I saw children sleeping on the street. Then I asked my mother, why do they sleep here?” My Mother said, “they sleep on the street because they are poor and homeless.” “Since then, I wanted to do something for all poor children.

And I came here in Bangladesh with the money, I earned from the competitions”Aupsara has recorded several songs to support the underprivileged.

Some of them have had music video productions also. Apart from practicing music, Aupsara Banik’s dream is to grow up to be a cancer specialist. And also Come to Bangladesh at least once a year and give free service to the poor.