‘Oh My God’ now streaming on Bongo

Publish: 7:06 PM, July 31, 2022 | Update: 7:06:PM, July 31, 2022

OTT platform Bongo is now steaming the Bangla dubbed Indian Tamil-language romantic fantasy film ‘Oh My Kadavule’ under the titled ‘Oh My God’. Ashwath Marimuthu directed the film, and the story was written by him too.
The story revolves around two childhood friends, Anu and Arjun, decide to get married.
Arjun the story’s protagonist is a confused carefree young man who has a close friendship with Anu & Mani. One Day in a friendly drinking session Anu out of the blue, asks for the hand of Arjun & that’s the start of a rocky road of marriage.
At first, Arjun feels nothing wrong with being hitched to Anu. But then suddenly realize that he has no romantic feelings for Anu by heart. Now how will he resolve the tangled relationship? When Arjun struggled with Anu, his childhood crush Meera entered their life. Little did
He knew what would come in his bittersweet life of loveless marriage! If you want to know what happened, How God came to rescue Arjun, or for Anu, you have to watch the movie of the week, on Bongo.
Director Ashwath Marimuthu said, “Half of life’s troubles start with getting married. And the other Half is trouble after marriage. So, this time, our story is about the dilemma of an unclued young man getting accidentally married and looking for a second chance to back out of the mistakes. And his urge for a second chance in life is responded to by God Himself (God’s role played by Vijay Sethupati). What will happen next? Watch Bongo to enjoy the hilarious, fun-packed romantic comedy with a pinch of fantasy ‘Oh My Kadavule aka Oh My God.”