Mala Khandokar’s Miss & Mrs Plus Bangladesh

Publish: 7:33 PM, June 30, 2022 | Update: 7:33:PM, June 30, 2022

When thinking of a beauty pageant winner, the general notion might be to imagine a tall, skinny and fair model standing on the ramp to be crowned Miss X, Y, or Z. The reason we imagine this picture in our head, is because these are the standards of beauty that have been set by society.

Our understanding of what constitutes attractive and beautiful has long been shaped by pop culture, social media and our cultural beliefs. And through those lenses, we’ve established that being skinny is attractive while being fat is not.

Founder Mala Khandokar says “Miss & Mrs Plus Bangladesh is a competition that aims to change our perception on the topic. The competition has been created to raise awareness about body shaming and to normalise the idea that body types other than skinny can also be attractive and beautiful”My company real heroes expo & communications is for different events and different thoughts.

The competition has been a success so far, with 400 people initially registering for auditions. Of the 400, the judges filtered the applications and selected 200 people for the actual auditions. From these auditions, the list was shortened down over another round. Currently, the competition is in the top 30 stages.