Corona detection rate is increasing again: Health awareness rules is decreasing

Publish: 8:03 PM, June 21, 2022 | Update: 8:03:PM, June 21, 2022

Syed Faruk Hossain

Covid-19 spread rapidly in the country. The detection rate dropped to 6 percent. The detection rate is increasing in the country. For a long time corona infection was downward. However, in the last few days it has grown up again. According to the latest data from the Department of Health, 433 people have been infected with corona till June 17. Of these, 433 have been identified in Dhaka. The rate of identification is also increasing by leaps and bounds. However, no one has died anew. The upcoming Eid-ul-Azha is ahead. We have to be more careful about bringing sacrificial animals. Those who go from town to village on Eid and from village to town need to be more aware. There is no way that this virus can be transmitted from village to town and from city to village through us. Only our awareness can save us from the horrors of Corona. Now people are afraid of Corona. People don’t think it’s harmful. No one is interested in following the hygiene rules. No one wears mask anymore and does not follow hygiene rules. And this sick environment can bring more danger. And so now we have to be aware. If we are not aware then another impending epidemic is very close to us. Covid-19 infection is increasing again in the country. The first corona infection was detected in the country on March 8, 2020. The death of the first person was reported on the 18th of the same month.
Educational institutions have been reopened as the number of infections in the country has come down. Coronation restrictions have been lifted. However, in recent days, the infection has started to increase again. The rate of coronary infection is increasing again. In this situation, it has become necessary to make the wearing of masks compulsory in all cases, the application of ‘No Mask, No Service’ policy again. Social distance must be maintained and public gatherings must be avoided. Many people, who have fever, cold, cough, also not testing for corona. It is not going to take preventive measures. As a result, the infection is increasing. For this, those who are showing symptoms and those who are coming in contact with people affected by corona, need to be tested. Countries where the rate of coronavirus infection is high, the virus can also enter through people (infected) who come to Bangladesh from those countries. For this, necessary measures have to be taken at air, land and seaports; If necessary, Covid-19 negative certificate and vaccination certificate will be required. At the same time, the suspects should be given a rapid antigen test and the infected person should be given quarantine. The special beds, ICUs and manpower for the treatment of Corona patients should be properly prepared for the treatment of the affected patients. Infection is on the rise, creating anxiety. Meanwhile, it has not increased in Bangladesh either. All kinds of media should be requested to re-motivate the public to abide by the health rules. It is necessary to make wearing of mask compulsory in all cases, to implement the principle of ‘no mask, no service’, to maintain social distance, to exclude public gatherings. In places of religious worship (such as mosques, temples, churches, etc.) it is necessary to wear masks and maintain social distance. Many of those who are suffering from fever, cold and cough are not doing Covid test. It is not going to take preventive measures and because of this the infection is increasing. For this, those who are experiencing symptoms and those who are coming in contact with people infected with Covid-19 should be requested to be tested.
For this, necessary measures have to be taken at airports and seaports. If necessary, Covid-19 negative certificate is required. Arrange for rapid antigen testing of suspects. As the infection increases, it is necessary to make arrangements for quarantine of the infected people. In Dhaka, there is an increase in the number of coronas. The number of victims is increasing day by day. The number of corona patients in the hospital is increasing; the doctors are in crisis and anxiety. There is no harm in following the hygiene rules and people are not even wearing masks. From public transport to shops, health rules are neglected everywhere. There is no awareness of wearing masks; there is no choice of social distance.
Roads, sidewalks, hat bazaars and alleys are being neglected by the people. No one in the shops and food hotels is following the rules of hygiene or wearing masks. The movement of private vehicles has increased on the roads of the capital. Also, people are entering through the entrance of the capital. Increased congestion, increased suffering. In the midst of so much irregularity and chaos it is never possible to prevent infection. This requires strict adherence to hygiene rules and personal awareness. At the same time, panic, risk and insecurity increased in the minds of common people. Not only the physical degradation of human beings but also the world economy has fallen into the clutches of this deadly virus. The World Health Organization (WHO) has warned against corona. Corona can attack in a new way. Everyone has to follow the rules. The World Health Organization (WHO) is emphasizing the importance of corona hygiene. Experts at the World Health Organization (WHO) also say that those who are in a more risky situation need to be extra vigilant .Corona Virus infections are on the rise again in several South Asian countries, including neighboring India. It is also increasing in Bangladesh. Due to declining interest, many people have not yet got vaccinated against corona. Corona is under control in most countries of the world. However, it is also increasing in some countries.
On March 11, 2020, the World Health Organization (WHO) declared Corona a “global epidemic.” Earlier, on January 20 of the same year, the agency declared a state of emergency around the world. In a few years, the corona has repeatedly changed the type of infection. Meanwhile, vaccination programs are underway around the world to prevent Corona Virus. Then the deadly virus began to spread rapidly in different countries of the world. Medical experts have already begun research into whether the human body developed special immunity to the disease due to the previous wave of corona and how much of an impact it has had worldwide. The daily infection rate in different countries has almost tripled. The number of hospital admissions also increased. In a few months, the coronary omicron form changes the structure of the gene. As a result, many people around the world have been exposed to several new forms. However, experts have previously said that corona’s ability to change corollary is greatly reduced. Do not use a good quality three-layer mask that greatly reduces the risk of infection.
So when you go out of the house, you must wear a mask. The mask must be used until you return home. The mask should not be kept under the chin. You have to go out for various works, but it is important to avoid the crowd. Minimum distance from each other should be maintained. It is better not to stay in a closed place. If you do not get soap and water, you should use a hand sanitizer. It is best to keep a small pocket sanitizer with you when you go out. Before applying, you have to wash your hands with soap and water. The virus is constantly changing in itself, as a result of which it is becoming highly contagious. Scientists and the World Health Organization (WHO) have been inundated with headaches. Ordinary people do not want to follow the hygiene rules. On the other hand, interest in ticks has also decreased. We have to follow the instructions given by the government. Otherwise we will face disaster regardless of the variant of the corona, the vaccination campaign continues under the direction of the Hon’ble Prime Minister. The mask must be worn outside There is no alternative to obey the hygiene rules. If you are not careful, corona can increase a lot.

The writer is Deputy Registrar, Jagannath University