Arfin Xunayed and Jinia Shimu’s much hyped “Premer Golpo” released

Publish: 9:21 AM, June 12, 2022 | Update: 9:21:AM, June 12, 2022

TBT Report
The love between a married couple, can anything be sweeter than this? Every sacrifice they make, every road they take, and every little thing they do for each other are strong enough to shake our cold hearts. And if there are songs and music videos about the adorable love between a lovely couple, we will all crave to listen and watch it with satisfaction in our smiles.
On 10th June, the Popy Multimedia just released a sweet romantic song named “Premer Golpo” featuring popular models Arfin Xunayed and Jinia Shimu. You will get to see Xunayed being a sick husband and Jinia Shimu taking care of him through all ups and downs, and finally Arfin becoming healthy through her dedication in the music video. It’s all about how people can turn around any bad situation with the help of their loved ones.
The talented songwriter and director Shamim Ahsan is the one behind this beautiful piece of the song. He wrote the emotional lyrics, tuned the song to be likable to all, and directed the music video to provide us with one of the best romantic Bangla songs. Thanks to his talented team, everything turned out to be perfect as we were expecting.
Two popular singers, SM Manir and Adi Saha have sung this song with perfect vocalization, while Din Islam Sharuk directed the music of this video. Mukh Mukhosh is the one in production and Rasel Mal is the producer of this newly hyped music video.
Rana Sheikh was the DOP and Jahid Hasan worked as the makeup artist to give the viewer high-quality content. Behind the lovely natural edits of this music video, Fokrul Islam was the one to be praised, also S.M Tushar did a great job tuning the colors on the music video to give viewers a pleasant theme.
Director Shamim Ahsan is pretty confident about his new workpiece, he thinks this music video is able to stimulate every generation, from young to older generations. The team of “Premer Golpo” expects this beautiful combination of lyrics, song, and video to be favored by all types of viewers. This quality content is also expected to rekindle faded love between any old couple.