Inauguration of the book titled”Research Achievement”of the Forest Research Institute 

Publish: 1:43 AM, June 5, 2022 | Update: 1:43 AM, June 5, 2022
S M Akash,
Bureau Chief,Chattogram;
Bangladesh Forest Research Institute (BFRI) has published a book titled “Research Achievement”of Bangladesh Forest Research Institute (BFRI)” to observe the Birth Centenary of the greatest Bangalee Leader and Founding Father of the Nation, Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman.
On Sunday, June 5, Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina will unveil the virtual package of this wonderful and important book at the Bangabandhu Conference Center.
The book provides research findings of BFRI in the form of abstract since its inception.
The book has been dedicated to commemorate the great occasion of the birth centenary of the Father of the Nation Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman and the golden jubilee of Bangladesh independence.The objective of the book is to provide a glimpse of generated informations by BFRI which will be a reference work as a base of future forestry research in the country and a paradigm shift of forestry research history. The book contains brief introduction to BFRI, research achievements (abstracts) and some outstanding technologies.
This publication has documented 1135 abstracts and 66 outstanding technologies from disciplines of Forest Botany, Soil Science, Seed Orchard, Silviculture Research, Silviculture Genetics. Non-timber Forest Products including medicinal plants, Forest Protections, Forest Inventory, Coastal Afforestation, Mangrove Silviculture, Forest Economics, Wildlife, Veneer and Composite wood products, Seasoning & Timber Physics, Wood Working and Timber Engineering, Pulp and Paper and Forest Chemistry.It has a general section comprising cross cutting disciplines and also a separate section of thesis produced by BFRI scientists. Final segment includes some of the notable technologies generated by BFRI.
This book has provided forestry research insight from 1955 till-to-date. It will serve as a ready reference for forestry scientists, academicians, policy makers, forest managers and development practitioners, NGO’s and private sector personnel to make future plan taking into consideration aligned with SDG-2030, 8th five-year plan, Vision-2041 and Delta Plan-2100.
BFRI is the only national forestry and forest product research institute in Bangladesh It was established as the East Pakistan Forest Research Laboratory (EPFRL) in 1955 and transformed in 1968 as a Forest Research Institute (FRI). After independence, it was renamed as Bangladesh Forest Research Institute.
The central office of this national level research institute is located at Sholashahar in Chattogram, the commercial capital and port city of Bir Prasbini. Which is a unique pride for Chattogram, which is a green land of nature, i.e. sea, mountains, rivers and forests.
The major objectives of the Institute are to optimize forest productivity in hills, plains, villages, and coastal forests through the application of technology and to alleviate poverty. Moreover, to provide research backup to forestry and agroforestry in waste and marginal lands for optimum and sustainable utilization; rational utilization of forest products through technology. help to conserve biodiversity and environmental balance in national and rural forests.BFRI conducts applied and adaptive research through 17 research divisions under two Wings; Forest Management Wing and Forest Products Wing. The Institute has developed near about 100 technologies and considerable amounts of information that substantially contribute to the country’s development and conserve our natural resources. and protect our biodiversity.
The book was written and edited by a member of the council and the director of the Bangladesh Forest Research Institute.Dr. Rafiqul Haider told “The Bangladesh Today”
We have taken intensive programs of tree improvement for sustained productivity through the establishment of clonal and seedling seed orchards and seed stands, development of micro-propagation and nursery techniques for indigenous and
endangered species, development of an integrated pest management system for forests and nurseries: ecosystem management, biodiversity conservation and wildlife management research; optimization of wood used for industrial and other purposes, wood seasoning for improving timber quality, increasing the durability of forest products using preservatives.industrial use of waste wood; development of improved methods for pulp production; extension, training and advisory services throughout the country.
The book is compiked and edited by Dr. Rafiqul Haider, Dr. Md. Ahsanur Rahman and Dr. M. Masudur Rahman.