Washing machine myths debunked Once a luxury, now a necessity.

Publish: 8:23 PM, May 25, 2022 | Update: 8:23:PM, May 25, 2022

“Why on earth would I buy that?”, Many people believe that purchasing washing machines is anything but a necessity because of various myths revolving around the most loved household appliance. With the ability to wash and rinse clothes using minimal human effort, washing machines have become the most used piece of technology in most households since the pandemic. While most of us use our washing machines religiously to do laundry, some people are still clinging to the myths associated with the device. Let us debunk the myths and learn why washing machines are truly a vital appliance in the 21st-century era.


Cannot wash all kinds of clothes 

In today’s tech-driven world, washing machines have evolved, comprising the industry’s leading features. Washing machine models are equipped enough to be able to clean all kinds of clothes. All you need to do is create separate piles based on color and fabric type and then wash accordingly. Besides, washing machines have become very advanced and come with numerous settings to choose from. Consumers can easily learn which ones to use for each garment from the manual provided and select the option accordingly.


Damages or strains linens and fabrics 

Many people blame their washing machine for the damage done to their clothes, but it is not the unit’s fault nine out of ten times. Even decades-old models can effectively clean clothes without causing damage. Nowadays, washing machines come with innovative settings and technologies designed specifically for delicate clothing. Using these settings, consumers can easily prevent rigorous wash that may strain their clothes and ensure safe cleaning.


Consumes a lot of electricity and water 

Every home appliance consumes a large amount of electricity during operation. The efficiency of any home appliance depends mainly on how well you use it. Besides, today’s washing machines feature Eco-friendly technologies that can save water and energy efficiently. These technologies can help consumers save up significantly on the cost of utility bills while helping the environment.


Cannot clean properly compared to cleaning manually 

Washing clothes manually require much more time and effort. In this day and age, most people cannot afford to spend time washing clothes. Hence, washing machines are the best option for doing laundry. Additionally, many washing machines comprise prewashing features which soaks the laundry load before the wash for proper cleaning.


Excessive usage of detergent 

The more the detergent, the cleaner the clothes: this is the most common myth related to washing machines. Washing machines have technologies that take in small amounts of detergent and make the most out of it using water. The rotation movement releases a lot of foam as well, making sure that you do not need heaps of detergent for thorough cleaning.


In Bangladesh, over the years, many home appliance manufacturers have introduced washing machines in the market that suit the necessities of consumers. Samsung Consumer Electronics Bangladesh is one such example who are allowing consumers to enjoy the convenience of doing any type of laundry in just one place. Samsung’s Top Loading washing machines with the capacity of 7KG, 7.5KG, 9KG, and 10 KG come with an all-in-one solution starting price BDT 23900. The New ActivWash+ feature is the ultimate solution for hand and pre-washing clothes, using a dedicated sink with extra waves for better scrubbing. Its built-in water jet is controlled using an easy-to-reach button inside the sink.


Apart from that, the washing machine is durable, robust and uses up to 40% less energy, and is much quieter. Making sure that clothes get a deep and intensive wash, the device boasts a Stainless Steel Pulsator comprising six blades that create a wide and powerful shower of water. It also removes dirt effectively and rinses everything thoroughly. In addition, this particular model of Samsung’s washing machine cleans intensively with the Intense Wash function, keeps the tub clean with the Eco Tub Clean feature, and protects the drainage from getting clogged up with the support of a Magic Filter. Samsung has different kinds of washing machines suited to the necessity, requirement, and affordability of different consumers’ needs. So, hurry up and get yourself a good washing machine because it is not a luxury anymore, but a necessity.




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