Dazzle Blue’s success came with Sharifa Akter Kona’s dedication

Publish: 12:11 AM, May 17, 2022 | Update: 12:11:AM, May 17, 2022


Sharifa Akter Kona is a successful woman entrepreneur, who has struggled over the years to reach her goals altitude. Kona is a Fashion Design postgraduate with 10 years of work experience. She is the CEO and Founder of Dazzle Blue, which is the trendiest fashion brand from Bangladesh, and is mostly distinguished for its true international quality designs and fabrics.
The story behind this journey of Sharifa Akter Kona is assorted with hard work and hunger for fulfilling dreams. Being married at a young age, she thought that maybe she can not continue studying anymore. But after the marriage, her husband inspired her to fulfill all her dreams, he gave her courage, and helped make her dreams come true.
After marriage, she continued her study in fashion design at Shanta-Mariam University. At that time she had a child of 8 months named Jahin. She completed her graduation by overcoming all the obstacles. She decided not to do the job. She was passionate about making something different. Then she started a business, named Dazzle Blue. Now with more than 40 people working with this company, they have two outlets in Uttara. Kona dreams enormous, She wants to make a brand that will be export the products after filling the needs of the country’s people.