Shamim Ahsan’s direction “Struggle” is ready to shine with Xunayed, Salman

Publish: 7:36 PM, May 15, 2022 | Update: 7:36:PM, May 15, 2022


In our lifespan, youth is the time when we start to taste what struggle feels like and what it really means. Tension, anxiety, stress, and grief behold the power of a youngster’s daily life. Meeting the needs and expectations of their family along with containing sanity becomes harder day by day. Besides, if that young person belongs to the working class, then it becomes the last nail in the coffin. And the drama “Struggle” is all about showing the audience what working youngsters go through every day.
Fahim and Sifat, the lead characters of the drama, will be represented by Salman Muqtadir and Arfin Xunayed. These two protagonists will take us on a journey to display how two young adults bear the responsibilities of their families and also balance their love life. But in this process, one comes out as the winner, while the other gets stuck in the ocean of strugglers.
“Salman Muqtadir” is a familiar name in the media industry, but “Arfin Xunayed” is also turning out to be a potential one. l and short film artist for a long time. But now he is completely focused on the cinema industry. Also, there are names such as Munira Mithu, Ishana Adrija, Fajita Riya, Afrin Raisa, Asma Sheuly, Arzuman Ara Bokul, and many more, playing different roles in materializing this drama. And the orchestrator of this relatable melody is none other than director Shamim Ahsan. Also, this heartwarming drama was written by Rayhan Rony and Yasin bin Aryan was the cinematographer to please the viewers’ eyes. The drama was shot in locations such as Diyabari, Beribadh, Apon Ghor 1, Mehrab shooting house and more.
This drama is ready to air with bars high above expectations and with people capable of providing content full of quality, so it is going to take its place on top without any struggle for sure.