Gift a smile to a child this Ramadan with Lafz

Publish: 8:58 PM, April 24, 2022 | Update: 8:58:PM, April 24, 2022

Munaseeb Hossain

Did you ask your inner soul if you ever did anything to make your almighty happy? Charity in any form and in any religion is always appreciated by our creator. This Ramadhan indulge yourself in acts like giving monetary donations, distributing food and clothes among underprivileged people so that you can pacify yourself by doing something philanthropic.
Children are the pillars of any developing nation. Lafz (a leading halal lifestyle brand) has always encouraged honesty and integrity. As it runs on the belief of selling purity to customers through its halal and cruelty – free products, it took a step ahead and partnered with Ashroy foundation (located at Rayerbazar, Dhaka, Bangladesh) with an intention of helping homeless children to pursue education for free this Ramadan.
Lafz purely wants to contribute to the growth of Bangladesh and many more countries worldwide where it has its business running successfully. Let’s read more to find out why Lafz associated with Ashroy foundation this Ramadan.
The Ashroy foundation was established to eliminate poverty and spread free education among poor children. It takes care of many other basic rights of children as well like providing shelter, mental development, good hygiene and sanitation facilities. Lafz a (Singaporean brand) sells halal and authentic skin care and color cosmetics in Bangladesh.
Their products are highly appreciated by the people of the nation. This Ramadhan lafz introduced a campaign called “Gift a smile “which includes three gift boxes of different price ranges and categories. When one buys a box, 25% of the proceeds automatically gets contributed for a child’s education. Therefore, with every single purchase one is securing a child’s future. What better deed can you do other than this?
Lafz has taken the decision of doing more of such humanitarian work now and in the future as it has the motive of contributing to the peace-making system in the countries that it operates by selling the concept of purity and honesty. As it manufactures halal products, it expects to build a strong and loyal customer base as these products leave zero harm for any customer. Hence, let’s make this Ramadan special by doing something different. Let’s buy a gift box now! log in to