People getting benefits of tax reduction on commodities: Commerce Minister

Publish: 7:53 PM, April 3, 2022 | Update: 7:53:PM, April 3, 2022

The commerce minister Tipu Munshi MP on Sunday said there is no possibility of shortage of any goods during the Ramadan as there is enough stock.

The prices of almost all goods have remained stable and it will continue, as the ministry is working against illegal stocking and creating panic in the markets, he said.

The minister came up with the remarks while addressing a press briefing after visiting Karwan Bazar, the largest kitchen market in the capital on Sunday.

Tipu Munshi said the consumers are getting benefits from the tax reduction and tax withdrawing on essential commodities.

“A task force has been formed to monitor the market situation. This task force is working seriously. Market operations have been intensified and strict action is being taken in case of irregularities,” he said.

The commerce minister said that the traders have also become very cautious now; the price list of commodities is displaying in the shops and awareness has also increased among the consumers.

“The holy month of Ramadan has begun. Traders also have to be sincere, do business honestly. I hope the media of the country will also play a responsible role in this regard. Our market will remain normal even in the current volatile global situation, if we try honestly it will continue,” the commerce minister said.

He said TCB is distributing specific essential commodities among 1 crore people, which will benefit around 5 crore people in the country.

The first phase of TCB’s sale under this program has been completed and the second phase selling will be started soon in Ramadan, the minister said.

The commerce ministry’s senior secretary Tapan Kanti Ghosh, Additional secretary AHM Shafiquzzaman, and other senior officials were present in the press briefing.