M Miraz Hossain and Lions Club of Mohakhali Friends organized free eye care services for poor adults

Publish: 5:25 PM, March 20, 2022 | Update: 5:25 PM, March 20, 2022

On 16th March 2022, M Miraz Hossain, the director of Lions Club of Mohakhali Friends, provided free eye surgeries and various eye treatments to poor old men and women in Dhanmondi. In collaboration with British ophthalmologists David Ryder and Jonah Anderson, the service was provided to 80 elderly people from across the country.

In Bangladesh, more than 750,000 people over the age of 30 are suffering from blindness. Cataracts, glaucoma, Diabetic retinopathy and many other eye problems, due to lack of proper treatment, many people have to accept blindness for life. With the conviction of giving back the light to the eyes of the poor eye patients of the country, M Miraz Hossain undertook eye care activities of the poor people deprived of medical services across the country on the initiative of his organization Lions Club of Mohakhali Friends.

At an initial cost of BDT 1.5 million, 80 eye patients from all over the country, considering their age and economic status, were initially treated at Harun Eye Care Hospital in Dhanmondi on March 16, 2022 for cataract removal and other complex eye diseases including lens implants. British ophthalmologists David Ryder and Jonah Anderson run the operations completely unpaid and bear about one-third of the cost of the project. The rest of the project was funded by Lion M Miraz Hossain, director of Lions Club of Mohakhali Friends from his own funds and his organization. He also formed a team to plan and oversee the overall project and ensure future post-medical care.

In this regard, M Miraz Hossain said, “Many people lose their eyesight every year due to poverty and inadequate medical care. As a result, many families have to live a dehumanized life. We take up this project to help all these poor people. Initially we started with 80 patients but in the future our organization is working to conduct this program on a larger scale. We are all happy to be able to work for the welfare of the people. We expect that the capable individuals of the society will also come forward for such public welfare.”