Acknowledging merits inspire others to reciprocate; Deputy Minister of Education

Publish: 9:28 PM, March 13, 2022 | Update: 9:28 PM, March 13, 2022

S M Akash

Bureau Chief, Chattogram:

One of the spotlights of Sheikh Hasina’s premiership in running the country is to successfully deal with the Covid-19 pandemic in a humane and prudent manner. Former Central Awami Juba League leader Helal Akbar Chowdhury Babar has set a revolutionary precedent in Bangladesh among those who sacrificed their lives in the face of this deadly pandemic in the service of people and humanity. Many thanks and appreciation are extended to all concerned, including the President of the Anjuman-e-Rajviya Nuria Trust and its President, for bestowing this honorary memento on Babor. In this way, thousands of young leaders dedicated to the people and social service will be revived like Helal Akbar Babar.

Barrister Mahibul Hasan Chowdhury Nawfel, MP and Deputy Minister for Education, made the remarks while addressing the 13th Anti-Dowry and Anti-Drug Rally as the chief guest at the Jamiatul Falah Central Mosque ground in Chattogram on March 12th.

Like every year, the Anjuman Rajabiya Nurania Central Committee has organized an Islamic rally against dowry and drugs, Helal Akbar Chowdhury Babar, a former student leader and former finance secretary of the Central Awami Juba League and the initiator  of the Corona Prevention Booth in Bangladesh, was given a memento in recognition of the meritorious reception.

Deputy Minister of Education Barrister Mahibul Hasan Chowdhury Nawfel was present as the chief guest on the occasion. Every year, the organization presents honorary mementos to a person with extraordinary merit in recognition of the various humanitarian works of the society. This year, the former student leader was given a commemorative plaque in recognition of his humanitarian work, including the invention of the “Corona Prevention Booth” and the provision of free booths in remote areas of the country and in all districts.

Sajjadanshin Syed Saifuddin Ahmed Al Maizbhandari of Maizbhandar Durbar Sharif, Masum Chowdhury, Abul Kalam Azad, Mashumur Rashid, Maulana Hasan bin Noori and others also spoke at the rally organized by Allama Muhammad Abul Kashem Noori, President of Anjuman Rajviya Nuria Trust and Central Secretary General of Ahl-e-Sunnat Wal Jamaat Bangladesh.

The Deputy Minister of Education further said, Dowry and drugs have become one of the major obstacles to the progress of society. Women are the ornament of a family. But as we build a sacred relationship in married life, we continue to push for dowry in various ways that Islam never supports. This leads to various kinds of social degradation including murder, family separation, quarrels. Drugs are one of the main causes of our social unrest. The government cannot control these without the cooperation of the people. For this we need religious education, so in order to eradicate dowry and drug addiction from the society, along with the government, our scholarly society and conscious youth society must come forward. Young men and women should be made aware of the horrors of Islam in the light of its horrors, only then a healthy, beautiful and healthy social system can be built and possible.