Lions Club Director M Miraz Hossain handed over the houses of thehomeless due to river erosion in Kurigram

Publish: 2:41 PM, March 11, 2022 | Update: 2:41 PM, March 11, 2022

Kurigram district is at the top position in the country in terms of poverty. River erosion is one of the reasons for the high poverty rate in Kurigram. An average of 5,000 families lose their land due to river erosion every year. Rehabilitation activities for families affected by river erosion are very limited. One and a half hundred houses and plantations were washed away in the river bank on the banks of river Teesta last year.

The “Lions Club” stands next to the homeless poor family. Lions Club Mohakhali Friends has given houses to 4 needy families on the banks of river Teesta at a cost of around Tk 5 lakh with the initiative and financial support of the director of the organization M Miraz Hossain. On March 9, 2022, at 10 a.m., houses were informally presented to families as gifts. Local dignitaries were present at the time.

M Miraz Hossain, the director of the organization, said, “Every year, many families lose their homes due to river erosion and live a dehumanized life. On behalf of the Lions Club, we have tried our best to help some of the homeless families. We are moving forward with a plan to work for people on a larger scale in the future. ”

In a recent private meeting with Hon’ble Home Minister Asaduzzaman Khan at his residence, M Miraz Hossain said that a fund would be set up for 200 distressed freedom fighter families. He also expressed interest in working closely with the government for improving the Corona situation in the country, elimination of unemployment problem.

M Miraz Hossain is currently serving as the director of a reputed organization. He is also the Deputy Director of the UN Youth Vision and is associated with the Ban Ki-moon Center.