Lyricist Mohammad Elias’s new song ‘Ovinoy’

Publish: 9:23 PM, January 25, 2022 | Update: 9:23:PM, January 25, 2022

Mohammad Elias is a popular lyricist of the present time. He is recently coming up with a wonderful original song. The song titled ‘Ovinoy’ is the first song sung by Mohammad Elias and Sojib Shan in this New Year.

The song will be released soon on the popular YouTube channel Kamrul Media. The work of the song has already been completed with the melody and music direction of popular music director Anim Khan.

Mohammad Elias said “I really like the first song of the new year”. It feels good to be able to record the song with the voice of young star vocalist Sojib Shan. Listeners will find something different in the lyrics. I hope it will be an enjoyable song for everyone.

Regarding the song, vocalist Sojib Shan said that the song was completed too late due to a lot of busyness. I started the New Year song with this song. The first song of the new year has been really great. I hope everyone will like the words and melody of the song.