I love music since childhood: Shafiq Mahmud

Publish: 7:21 PM, January 16, 2022 | Update: 7:21:PM, January 16, 2022

Salehuddin Sohel
The popular composer and vocalist of the time is Shafiq Mahmud.The popular musician and composer is currently working with movie songs, drama songs, jingles and music video songs. So far he has done more than a hundred songs with his own melody and voice. Many of these songs have gained a lot of popularity.

Shafiq Mahmud’s full name is Shafiqul Islam. He was born and raised in Sakhipur upazila of Tangail district. In 2015, Shafiq Mahmud started learning song with the late Fazlul Haque Sir, an English teacher of a local school.The artist made his debut in the audio industry in 2017 with his own album ‘Ek Mon’.

Among the popular songs sung by Shafiq Mahmud are: Ek Mon, Bandhi Nairay Ghor, Boro Loker Maiya, Jaaneman, Amar Nishase and many more.
Shafiq Mahmud sings popular composers Plabon Qureshi, Sheikh Nazrul, Faruk Raj, Atiqur Rahman Taher, Rashed Alam, Ranak Raihan, Mostafa Zaman, Anik, Mahfuz Imran, Nabidur Rahman, Jewel Bhuiyan, Shahidul Islam Bakul, Joy Khan, Baul Aqeed, Saju Prasad. Songs written by Fakir Hazrat Shah, Saifur Rahman Rajan, Saiful Bari and many more.

So far popular singers like Belal Khan, KaziS huvo, Milon, Abdus Salam, SD Sagar, Emon Khan, S Ruhul, Sabrina Saba, Mohana, Farabi, Upma, Ananya Acharji, Moni Chowdhury, Swaran, Shilpi Biswas and others have sung to the tune of Shafiq Mahmud.

The list of currently unreleased songs includes more than 50 songs, which will be released in the form of music videos from various audio companies in thisnew year.

The title of the song, Tumi Kisu Bolo, Amakay Dakay Eshray, Tui Jodi Amar Thakis, Jodi Tumi Asho, Olpo Premer Golpo, Amar Bishasay AsoTumi, Shihron, Tokay Ghray, DeklayTomay, Haat Rakhay Haatay, Tomare Akash, Ahabisshas, etc.

When asked, Shafiq Mahmud said, “I have loved music since I was a child and I dreamed of becoming an artist. InshaAllah Allah has fulfilled my wish, and in a good position with Bangla songs.