Naymul Islam bringing new innovations to fashion industry

Publish: 7:19 PM, January 16, 2022 | Update: 7:19:PM, January 16, 2022

Munaseeb Hossain
In the juxtaposition of western countries to ours, it’s hard to shape a career out of our interest. We are not appreciated for everything that we do or pursue, we are exempted by the traditional taboos of our society which impedes any sort of development in honing our dormant skills. But in my life, I was impervious of these petty issues and could respond to the call of my will.

Naymul Islam begun his story a long 8 years ago with professional photographic career which had a quaint start. His father had been an ulterior motive behind my persuasion of arts since childhood. My father himself was a good artist and was fond of drawings. So the grooming of art basically came along with his fostering. My baby steps of clicking pictures began with a camera that my dad bought me up.

In academics, I was in science and had my graduation in CSE from AIUB. In my undergraduation period I bought a dslr with my hard earned savings and which was not at all approbative by my mom as she rebuked me for that. Slowly I started to study the camera all by myself with a little help from youtube for acquiring editing and photography skills. I used to post pictures of my friends on social platforms and received substantial support from people. Also I opened a page and kept wielding my interest. I could see the improvements tagging along with time and practice.

At a certain point I came across famed singer Tahsan Khan and oneday he invited me to a TVC photo shoot. At my humble request he let me shoot some pictures of him. Afterwards he bolstered me enough opportunities for some casual photo shoots at the interludes of drama shooting. I got endearing support from posting the photos on my page. By this time I managed to sum up 4 lac subscribers on my page. And ploddingly I stepped into the fashion industry.

The big brands filter out the capable aspirants from the small ones. The criterion isn’t easy as the competition is conspicuously whopping nowadays. For one to excel, one has to be more determined, more willing and do an exacting amount of practice to be of perfection and outstand the others.

That’s how people hit the road of success. It took me 8 long years to be in today’s position. I’d say nothing comes easy without straining every nerve and mastering perseverance.