Mobility is a luxary for char dwellers in Fulbari

Publish: 10:11 PM, January 13, 2022 | Update: 10:11:PM, January 13, 2022

Fulbari Correspondent
Muddy and slippery in the rainy days and dust during the dry season. The lives of people of Fulbari are ruined by these two extremes of nature. The transportation system is not good, it will not improve in any way. There are 7/8 villages in 4 unions of Kurigram and Lalmonirhat districts. About 4/5 thousand people live there. As the communication system is underdeveloped in these areas, the plights of these people are at dismay.

Visiting the Char Gorakamandal area of Naodanga Union in Fulbari Upazila on Wednesday, it was seen that every road was broken. There are many big holes somewhere. Any passenger vehicle gets scared commuting through. It goes without saying that there is no transportation system for this.
All in all, it is like living a miserable life in a remote char area. The road from Anandabazar to Intur Ghat is impassable. The condition of the roads is so bad that there is no other option but to walk. So now there is no traffic. But they have to come through that road – Union Parishad, Hat-Bazar including educational institutions. It is a much needed road for about 2/3 thousand people.

If a house catches fire in the char areas, the fire service vehicle will not be able to go. Even if someone falls ill, there is no way to get to the hospital quickly. In a word, the sick patient has to be brought to Anandabazar on his shoulder and then taken to the car.

In each case, they have seized it, despite obstacles we can scarcely imagine. ” As the roads are not good, losses have to be counted for selling paddy, wheat, jute, maize, mustard etc. produced here. Traders also do not want to buy anything from these areas due to high transportation costs. Therefore, local producers are forced to sell at a lower price. Thus, they are being deprived of the fair price of the crop.

The students of the char region are suffering the most. As there are no secondary and higher education institutions, one has to rely on West Fulmati Multipurpose High School, Naodanga DS Dakhil Madrasa, Naodanga High School and College, Balarhat Adarsh High School and College. And if you want to come to these educational institutions, you have to use this road. Alternatively using another road doubles the distance.

Unable to move easily, they have to travel a long distance to get to the educational institution. As a result of this misery, the number of students dropping out in remote char areas is much higher. Going beyond the boundaries of the primary, he went down to the field work. The situation is more dire in the case of girls.

Somehow, after finishing primary school, one has to sit on the wedding pedestal. At a tender age, sitting on one’s shoulders is the burden of the world. Therefore, the residents of the char areas have appealed to the government to change their destiny by making the roads in the chars suitable for movement.

Nur Nabi, a ninth grade student and Shamim Ahmed, a tenth grade student of the area. They both went to Naodanga DS Dakhil Madrasa. They spoke of their troubles. They come to the madrasa on bicycles. Although the distance from their house to Madrasa is only 4 km, they have to walk long due to bad roads. You have to walk two and a half hundred yards out of the house because of the sand. As a result, sometimes he cannot reach the madrasa at the right time. Many have dropped out of school to go to school with great difficulty. If the government makes the roads in our char areas passable through proper authorities, we will be relieved of many hardships.

Locals Shafiqul Islam, Aminul Islam, Suruzzamal Haque, Moyshara Bewa, Rezia Begum, Hanufa Begum and many others said that there is no end to the suffering of the people of this char area. “The people here work hard in the field. No matter how hard we try, we have to count the losses due to the road. It is very difficult to take the crop at home or in the market.