Abdullah Al Imran: Wishes to become prominent by providing right digital service

Publish: 6:11 PM, January 8, 2022 | Update: 6:11:PM, January 8, 2022

Munaseeb Hossain
Abdullah Al Imran is a Bangladeshi Entrepreneur, Author and social media cybersecurity specialist from Bangladesh. The man is the owner of social media agency named ” Ai Degital Agency ” which is becoming prominent nowadays.

At the beginning of 2021, Imran thought about entrepreneurship and started working on that. Along with Azimul Islam Sheblu in the middle of the year, he founded “Ai Degital Agency” named Online based social media agency and got a huge response from all-side.

“Ai Degital Agency” has fully conducted by Abdullah Al Imran and it provides some social media related and digital marketing related solutions. It’s popularity spreads already in the Bangladeshi media throughout helping celebs by managing and conducting their social media profiles in a smooth way.

Abdullah Al Imran, on behalf of “Ai Degital Agency”, has contributed to the social media cyber sector by providing random problem solves and by sharing tips and tricks. Abdullah has worked in different nonprofit organizations as a cyber head or director and solved numerous cases, from those experiences he wants to make some obligatory rules and regulations for social media users.

Except social media marketing type works, ” Ai Degital Agency” is providing non-profit social media cyber security related help services. It helps people by consulting on social media cybersecurity, providing suggestions that how to keep safe on social media, helping helpless people by collecting donations, providing legal supports by cyber police, providing law-related supports by prominent lawyers.