BNP not vying for Khaleda’s release but the right to burn people : Hasan Mahmud

Publish: 9:47 PM, January 1, 2022 | Update: 9:47:PM, January 1, 2022

Mohiuddin Sagor, Chattogram Correspondent
“BNP secretary general Mirza Fakhrul Islam Alamgir protests against the government once in the morning, once in the afternoon and sometimes in the evening. Their leaders have been protesting against the government across the country. What do they want more than political freedom? Do they want the right to burn vehicles and people’s property freely?” the Information Minister, Dr. Hasan Mahmud asked such a question. He said, “Do they want to block the people by calling strike day after day? Which they did in 2013, 2014 and 1015, which people rejected.”

The information minister was responding to a question from reporters at the end of a program titled ‘Dampara’ in a multipurpose shed at the police line of CMP on Friday (December 31). The storyline of the movie is based on the heroism of the then Chittagong Superintendent of Police Shamsul Haque, who was killed by the Pakistani invaders during the liberation war.

CMP Commissioner Saleh Mohammad Tanvir presided over the function. Chattogram Range DIG Anwar Hossain, actor Ferdous Khan and Hasne Habib Bhabna, writer Anan Zaman, director Shuddhaman Chaitan, ex-SP Shamsul Haque’s wife Mahmuda Haque were present among others. Hasan Mahmud said, “This is a film made by the Bangladesh Police, whose contribution to the great war of independence is undeniable.

Because Dampara is a historical place. In 1930, Master Da Surya Sen with his revolutionary forces looted the Chattogram Armory from this place and kept Chattogram region independent from the British Empire for 11 days. But not everyone knows that history. He said there was a discrepancy between the 1930 incident and the 1971 incident in Dampara.

The paradox is that weapons had to be looted from here in 1930, the revolutionaries revolted against the British by looting weapons and they were able to keep the Chittagong region independent for 11 days, and in 1971 they did not have to loot, but Superintendent of Police Shamsul Haque Distributed to the freedom fighters, so there is a contradiction between the two incidents.

After rejecting the request of the government for the release of the BNP leader, Mirza Fakhrul declared that the decision on the release of their leader will be taken on the streets. Hasan Mahmud said that “if the BNP wants the release of Begum Khaleda Zia on the streets, then why should they appeal to the government to send her abroad, they should avoid this double standard. Begum Khaleda Zia is a convicted felon, despite being convicted of arson she enjoys a kind of political freedom. The Honorable Prime Minister has generously suspended her sentence and released her, and she is receiving medical treatment under the supervision of her family and party, not under the government. So if there is any loss of health of Begum Khaleda Zia now, it will be the responsibility of BNP and her family doctors and those who are providing her health care.”
The Information and Broadcasting Minister expressed doubt whether the demand of Mirza Fakhrul Islam Alamgir could be entertained in countries other than Bangladesh.

In the 120-minute “Dampara” movie directed by Shuddhaman Chaitan, popular film actor Ferdous Ahmed will be seen in the story, screenplay and dialogues of the film is written by Anon Zaman.