Fahima Yasmine Jme: A pioneer of thousand dreams

Publish: 5:08 PM, January 1, 2022 | Update: 5:08:PM, January 1, 2022

Munaseeb Hossain
Many of us have hidden abilities. These talents are hidden due to a lack of motivation and proper grooming. A little bit of support can go a long way in helping someone gain the confidence they need to use their talent and succeed.

Fahima Yasmine Jme was just an ordinary Bangladeshi girl who had a particular interest. She began grooming herself at a young age instead of neglecting it. Fahima Yasmine Jme is now a role model for a thousand young girls.

Fahima is working as a blogger, live presenter, and makeup artist parallelly. She is the ambassador of many renowned brands in our country. Though she started her journey in the fashion and beauty field, she started her own business of cars.

Fahima Yasmine Jme is the managing director of a leading car dealer company that imports reconditioned vehicles. ‘SuperCar Sony BD’ provides three types of service from their company; buy, sell, or exchange.

Buying a vehicle is always a sensitive issue. You can have your dream car with SuperCar Sony BD without any legal hassle. This company is dedicated to ensuring customer satisfaction. The chairman of the company H.M Chowdhury and the managing director Fahima Yasmine both the enthusiastic personality leads the company by strictly assuring the quality. They ensure the vehicles have no accident history for the used cars.

Besides, Jme has her Facebook page Fahima Y Jme having more than 243k followers. She works as a vlogger and fashion influencer from an early age. She is a famous face on social media platforms like Youtube, TikTok, Instagram. Fahima loves to travel and used to travel in and out of the country on vacations. She provided the good news for her followers that many travel vlogs are coming up to her Youtube channel.

An enthusiastic lady never stops working in one sector, and so Fahima did. Along with all these, Fahima becomes successful in her target of doing her own business after founding SuperCar Sony BD. SuperCar Sony is stepping forward on becoming one of the largest car brands in Bangladesh.

Being a successful businesswoman Fahima has created an example for many girls in our country. She believes that people should do whatever they love meaningfully. Fahima has made herself a multi-tasker personality who never left her hobbies behind due to work pressure. She still practices singing as she was an active participant in various cultural events of BAFA and Chayanat. At present, Fahima Yasmine Jme is the name of a pioneer of personal branding all over the country.