Getting ready for Omicron’s onslaught

Publish: 9:07 PM, December 28, 2021 | Update: 9:07:PM, December 28, 2021

With cases of the Omicron variant of Corona virus getting detected in Bangladesh recently, worries have deepened in this country recently that Bangladesh is potentially a threat area of the virus. So far Bangladesh has been lucky. But how long it can remain so blessed is a big question mark. With Omicron induced infections raising in India, Bangladesh looks like a potential case for transmission next door and WHO earlier warned earlier about the rapid spread effect of this mutant form of the corona virus.

Besides, World Health Organization (WHO) has withdrawn its earlier description of Omicron as relatively milder and is now warning about its higher contagiousness as well as its capacity to cause severe illness and deaths specially among young people and children. Already, Omicron is taking a much higher toll in fresh infections and deaths than earlier thought, in Europe and North America, According to expert predictions, after a big drop in infections and deaths from corona virus in Bangladesh, the trend is seen as creping up in recent days and could soar with Omicron’s full fledged arrival in this country. So, the experts are urging the government and all other stakeholders to beware. In recent days, cases of Corona that had blissfully fallen to a few deaths and much reduced number of new infections in Bangladesh, this happy scene is seen to be reversing in Bangladesh, The number of deaths ranging from nil to one or two are seen rising to four and five and number of new infections also rose conspicuously.

The same experts fear that deaths and infections could soar to a peak in the coming summer season, Presently non corona strains of viruses from colds are helping to control or hide corona induced symptoms. With rise of temperature and disappearance of non corona strains of other cold viruses, cases of corona induced strains might very likely rise even to explosivelevels in the summer months specially the Omicron mutant form of the virus.

Against such distinct possibilities, preparations of all stakeholders in Bangladesh seem to be not so dedicated like in the past. A large number of people have become complacent with a feeling that the very low figures of deaths and infections in recent months mean that Corona as a public threat issue in Bangladesh has gone away. From such dangerous thinking they could usher in corona virus afresh specially the Omicron variety. Thus, the experts see the necessity of making people aware afresh about observing restrictions on their own with the same ardor they did for the last two years. They suggest law enforcement actions from now on to enforce the observing of restrictions by the greatest number of people. They also recommend greatest vigil and watch or imposing of isolation against those who come to Bangladesh from Omicron afflicted areas. The experts have also advised our health authorities to gird up their loins and take proactive measures to make the country fully prepared to be able to cope with any sudden onslaught of the Omicron variety of Corona virus. The specially dedicated Corona hospitalsshould be fully mobilized both in terms of bed capacities as well as equipment including the all important ventilators. The engaging of heath workers and doctors for meeting any possible swift downturn in the corona situation should start from now on with no loss of time.

Only a small part of our population have been vaccinated . The aim ought to be increase of the number of the vaccinated many times ,with a booster dose, to cover the majority in the population at the fastest. The sooner this is taken up as the prime objective, the best.