‘Aarmoire’ brings unique clothing for the masses

Publish: 8:14 PM, December 5, 2021 | Update: 8:14:PM, December 5, 2021

Munaseeb Hossain
With unique creations every year, the great clothing business “Aarmoire” brings forth the finest in trendy clothes and footwear. They not only create their unique products to add to the ethnic fashionable scene, but they also bring in various popular items from nations.

In 2017, Aarmoire began as a Facebook-based virtual retailer offering traditional clothes like salwar kameez and kurtis. Following a gradual increase in sale prices, they decided to grow their catalogue and developed themself as a professional limited (Ltd) company in 2020.Their boutique’s assortment presently comprises items such as trendy jewelry and footwear that are vital to conventional dress.

Nazia Hassan, the founder and chairperson of Aarmoire, established the company to transform Bengali apparel into something which everyone would love and could be pleased with while both being fashionable, and to build a reputation that customers can depend on for the highest standard ethnic clothing at the best accessible pricing. Saima Hara, the company’s Managing Director, feels that indigenous Bengali apparel should be added into Bangladesh’s main clothing industry, which Aarmoire is attempting to do with its exquisite creations.

After the deal inked with Nodi Khondaker as brand ambassador in the year 2020, Aarmoire has forward one step ahead with its professional marketing approach differently by using marketinging influencer team lead by Nodi Khondaker

The very first outlet of Aarmoire, the online Facebook page Converted Clothing Shop can be accessed in Gulshan’s Pink City Shopping Centre now. (Shop No: D21, 3rd Floor).The exquisite and spectacular artifacts displayed on the shelves will surprise you the moment you approach the store. If you enjoy clothing in fashionable apparel, you will be unable to avoid such a lovely collection of authentic attire.

Competing in the apparel business these times is difficult, specifically with the rise of quick clothing retailers and covid-19. But, using their original perspective to ethnic style, Aarmoire is still pushing ahead and creating significant strides in the market, which is one of the main factors the name is so dependable and outstanding.