JU students leave dorm to avoid physical torture

Publish: 10:19 PM, December 1, 2021 | Update: 10:19:PM, December 1, 2021

Sheikh Tajul Islam, JU correspondent

Sophomore year residential students from Biswa Kabi Rabindranath Tagore Hall of Jahangirnagar University have been found tortured to maintain “Gono Room Culture” by their seniors, such allegations coming repeatedly against third year students of that dormitory.

Meanwhile, some students left their respective dormitory being unable to accept this unbearable torture, continuing for years by their so called immediate senior batches, at Jahangirnagar University locally known as “Guest Room” culture.

Students from 48th batch as said, regularly “Guest Room ” continues at this dorm starting from 10:30 pm and continues till late night by their immediate seniors, 47th batch in the campus. They are also being rebuked, insulted so badly against their so called “Discourtesy” and unwillingness to participate any political processions that it sometimes becomes a mental trauma for most students.

Allegations came from 48th batch against their seniors who are also involved in the politics of ruling party. Besides, friends of the accused who were also from 47th batch, were being tried frequently to stay forcibly at “Mini Gono room”.

A victim, left the dorm earlier, said, “as new batch, the 49th, entering campus, to rule over them this guest room may be considered not illegal rather justified by the accused.”

” we are also being rebuked if found unwilling to join any procession. Our exam is knocking at the door. We don’t have enough space in the dorm too and this suffering are getting worse day by day. So, we are forced to left hall unwillingly but necessarily.” he added.

Wishing anonymity, an accused told, “guest room occurs frequently but we don’t have any torture cell. I personally oppose this guest room culture and I also want such system not to be continued.”

As per information, while trying to connect with Avijit, a political leader of respective hall, his phone found switched off. While asked Dr. Abdullah Hel Kafi, Provost of University’s Rabindranath Tagore Hall said, “I don’t know about this guest room culture. But, I’ll inquire about it. I’ll take action if the accused found guilty.”