PM Hasina is one of the most unique leaders of the world

Publish: 8:53 PM, October 28, 2021 | Update: 8:53:PM, October 28, 2021

Bishwanath Upazila Chairman S M Nunu Mia in an exclusive interview said that ‘On 15 August 1975, Bangabandhu was assassinated along with his own family by the defeated forces of national, international and independence. The dark age began in Bangladesh. After the assassination of Bangabandhu, Ziaur Rahman illegally seized power through various processes.

He was the illegitimate president. He killed hundreds of pro-liberation young officers working in the army through so-called coups inside the army with the aim of seizing power. Besides, four and a half lakh Awami League leaders and activists were arrested across the country. Apart from this, incidents of disappearance, murder and torture were going on. At that time, 591 officers of the Air Force were killed in one day. At that time Ziaur Rahman used to run the country with curfew from 10 pm to 5 am. His power partners were the anti-liberation forces and the so-called ultra-revolutionary right-wing forces.

Ithat dark age, when the Awami League was hesitant, when the steamroller of misrule was running over the leaders and workers, when they were conspiring to remove the party from the soil, the leaders and workers were actually looking for another Bangabandhu. And the leaders and workers of Awami League could see that image of Bangabandhu only in the people’s leader Sheikh Hasina according to their aspirations. Leader of the people Sheikh Hasina set foot on the soil of Bangladesh ignoring the fear of death. And through this, the people of Bangladesh started dreaming against Zia’s misrule. Sheikh Hasina came among the Bengalis that day as the beacon of Bangladesh. Today’s Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina of that time rose in the sky of Bengal as a bright star of Bangladesh. After the arrival of Sheikh Hasina in Bangladesh, all the pro-liberation people started uniting around her. Sheikh Hasina was the first to fight for the right to vote and rice. Zia-Ershad Then Khaleda Zia, who was in power for about 26 years, had to fight against them. It was this evil force that assassinated Bangabandhu on August 15, 1975, the power that wanted to bring Bangladesh back to the fold of Pakistan, turned Bangladesh into a dysfunctional state, deprived the people of their democratic rights.

Sheikh Hasina got the vitality to do politics from the people of Bengal. With that vitality, she wanted to work for the realization of his father’s dream. That dream is being realized today. The trial of war criminals and Bangabandhu has been held today as the people’s leader Sheikh Hasina came to Bangladesh. Zia-Ershad-Khaleda destroyed the war-torn Bangladesh that Bangabandhu had built on economic foundations.

Sheikh Hasina has transformed that country into a developing country in the court of the world. Under her leadership, Bangladesh has been established as a role model for development. That Bangladesh has been established as a country of prosperity in the world court. The people of Bangladesh have got the right to vote and rice because the leader of the people Sheikh Hasina has come. Today, Bangladesh has entered the age of electricity, satellite in the house, Bangladesh has entered the age of nuclear and submarine, Ganges water agreement has been signed, Hill Peace Agreement has been signed, border agreement has been signed, maritime boundary has been conquered.

Bangabandhu’s daughter has brought health care to the doorsteps of the people. Has done about 16 thousand community clinics. Elderly and widows are getting allowance. With the return of the people’s leader Sheikh Hasina, the dream of the people of Bengal is to have a Padma bridge, a metro rail, and a six-lane Dhaka-Chittagong. Besides, her government is leading the Karnafuli Tunnel, 100 economic zones, which will provide employment to about 10 million people. Bangladesh has turned around under the leadership of Sheikh Hasina.

Leader of the people Sheikh Hasina is moving forward to build the golden Bangladesh of Bangabandhu’s dream. But still her path is thorny, still not smooth. Even today those conspirators are conspiring. Representatives of those who killed Bangabandhu and those who opposed the great liberation war; Representatives of those who planned to assassinate Sheikh Hasina on August 21, 2004 are conspiring again today. We have seen that after the arrival of the people’s leader Sheikh Hasina in the country, it was planned to assassinate her not once or twice, but 21 times. The final attack was in 2004. Attempts were made to assassinate Sheikh Hasina by throwing grenades. People have confidence and trust in Sheikh Hasina. I think Sheikh Hasina is a blessing for Bengalis. Sheikh Hasina is the symbol of development of Bangladesh, the symbol of prosperity, the symbol of democracy, the symbol of honesty.