30 Kurigram riverine villages inundated

October 21, 2021 | 21:59:PM | Update21:59:PM

Badshah Saykot, Kurigram Correspondent
Due to deteriorating flood situation in different states of India, all the gates of the Teesta river barrage in Dalia point have been opened and the water level of Teesta river in Kurigram has increased rapidly. Erosion have occurred at various points with the rising water. Bidyananda and Gharialdanga unions of Rajarhat upazila of the district and 30 villages of Bajra union including Thetrai, Daldalia, Gunaigachha of Ulipur upazila have been flooded. At least 35,000 people in these villages have been inducted. Many families in these areas have been starving since morning as their stoves have been submerged in water. Children and the elderly are moving in the water at risk.

Hundreds of hectares of paddy fields and newly planted potato fields have been inundated by the flood waters. Shahidul Islam, a resident of Char Goraipiya area of Thetrai Union, said the water level in the Hu Hu Teesta had been rising since Wednesday morning. By noon, the water level had risen further, flooding the lower reaches of the river basin, and at night, water had entered at least 600 houses in the Char Goraipiya area, including my house. I woke up at night with my wife and children at the check post in panic because there was water in the house. I ate dried biscuits at night. I have been starving with my family since morning as I could not cook as the stove was submerged in water.

Ulipur Upazila Vice Chairman Abu Saeed said at least a few thousand families in several villages of Bajra Union including Thetrai, Daldalia and Gunaigachha in Ulipur Upazila have been inundated due to rising water level of Teesta river. Dry food is being provided to these waterlogged families.

Rajarhat Upazila Project Implementation Officer Sajibul Karim said at least 7,000 people in Vidyananda and Gharialdanga Unions of the upazila were inundated due to rising water levels in the Teesta River. 10 kg of rice and dry food have been distributed among these waterlogged people.

Abdullah Al Mamun, executive engineer of the Kurigram Water Development Board, said the flood situation has been caused due to heavy rainfall and rising slopes from the upper reaches of the river, causing the Teesta River to overflow and flow over 20 centimeters of danger at Kaunia Point.
However, the flood situation is improving as the water started receding on Thursday. He also said that sandbags were being dumped in the areas on an emergency basis to prevent river erosion.

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