Intentional attacks on minorities : Kamal

Publish: 10:41 PM, October 18, 2021 | Update: 10:41:PM, October 18, 2021

Shafiqul Islam (Jami)
Home Minister Asaduzzaman Khan said the attacks on hindus in pirganj of Rangpur were aimed at destroying communal harmony. That is purposeful and sorted. As many as 18 houses have been set on fire after a Hindu youth for making “anti-Islamic” comments on a Facebook post, police said. Police, BGB and RAB members are deployed there. The Home Minister said that in all the information we have recovered, we have seen that a few people are behind these incidents, destroying communal harmony, creating a chaotic situation, all these attempts to make the government unruly.
In collaboration with the locals of Rangpur, 45 people have been arrested so far. Police are trying to arrest a few more. The Home Minister said that the Prime Minister has directed to provide all possible assistance for the construction of houses for the victims.

On October 13, the eighth day of Durga Puja, after getting the Qur’an in a puja mandap in Cumilla, the puja mandap was attacked. After that, attacks on puja mandaps and temples took place in different districts of the country including Noakhali, Dhaka, Kishoreganj, Chandpur and Chattagram for three days in a row. The clash took place in Feni last Saturday before Pirganj in Rangpur. At least six people have died in three days.

There have been more than 10 cases filed of attacks in different districts of the country. In addition to mentioning the names of a few people in those cases, several thousand anonymous people have been accused.

The Home Minister said, “What has happened in Cumilla, Noakhali and Hajiganj, we all think in one thread.” How many videos, telephone messages are we listening to? We will confirm a little more. We want some time, in the meantime we will find out. We are sure the Cumilla incident is a sorted event.

“We assume that this is a deliberate attempt to destroy harmony, to put our government in a precarious situation,” he said. Asked by reporters if there was any provocation from outside the country with the incident, the minister said on Sunday, “There is no shortage of people in our country.” However, they will also come out in our investigation to see if anyone is working outside the country.

Meanwhile, the SPs of Rangpur and Feni were transferred in a circular on Monday. However, the Home Minister said that these incidents have nothing to do with the transfer. This is a routine work.