Fan of Shakib Khan since childhood

Publish: 6:25 PM, October 17, 2021 | Update: 6:25:PM, October 17, 2021

Salehuddin Sohel
I have been a fan of superstar hero Shakib Khan since childhood. I used to enjoy Shakib Bhai’s acting on my own, and I thought I would be a movie hero when I grow up, I am still walking on the path of that dream.

These words are from the journalist, lyricist and producer Akash Nibir. The popular lyricist and producer shared his dreams and reality with this reporter.

He has also made a name for himself as a producer with the popularity of several songs written by him along with the voices of popular artists. Akash Nibir was born and raised in Basanter Para village of Saghata upazila of Gaibandha district.

After completing SSC from local Jumar Bari High School, he completed Honors in Bengali in 2007. In 2017, he made his debut as an entertainment journalist in the daily Karatoya, and also started working as a producer.

Nibir started working as a lyricist from his student life, so far 22 songs written by him have been published. The songs were sung by popular singers Mohammad Milon, Kamruzzaman Rabbi, AI Tutul, Monir Khan and many other emerging artists. Among the web films and dramas published under the direction of Akash Nibir are Ghasha, Matal, Ghumbaj, Ek Raat Golpo, Duet, Twin Love etc.

Among the unpublished works are Behind the Tokai, Hawker, Rocky Pandey etc. Besides, the popular web film Baji has been released on the occasion of the recently concluded Durga Puja.

When asked, Akash Nibir said, “It is my dream to establish myself as a journalist as well as an actor and producer.” I am grateful to Ishtiaq Ahmed Rumel, my icon as a producer, for his guidance so far.