LAFZ is Driving Modest Lifestyle, Globally

Publish: 9:29 PM, October 10, 2021 | Update: 9:29:PM, October 10, 2021

TBT Report
brand has launched it’s halal range of products leading in Bangladesh following the global trend. This brand set it’s foot in Bangladesh in 2019, predominantly with the concept of alcohol-free body spray which took the country by storm and people made this venture a successful one with their open arms overnight. In the current time, modesty is actually the combination of cultural and religious values.

Lafz is trying to do exactly the same by catering to people a variety of lifestyle products, color cosmetics, skin and haircare products to make their life completely pure and halal. People of Bangladesh started incorporating these revolutionary products in their daily life involving in their occupation as well.

As the world is progressing towards a modest lifestyle in recent times, we can see a reflection of modesty in sectors like food and beverages, banking and finance, tourism, communication, pharmaceuticals, technology, travel and many more.

Modesty is nothing but the current concept of modernization. Modesty and the term halal go hand in hand. Hence, Lafz has played a major role in redefining the concept of modesty in Bangladesh with it’s innovative list of products. Most of the Muslim countries around the globe have been dominatingly following the Islam shariah while producing consumer goods over the years.

This not only ensures following the religious practices appropriately but also prevents inclusion of harmful malpractices and ingredients in manufacturing goods. As the concept of modesty is interlinked with halal lifestyle, Lafz do complete justice to this view by making products free from animal derived ingredients, alcohol and harmful chemicals like parabens and sulphates.

Lafz products are vegan too which makes it easier for the customers to comply by the standards of modesty with absolute sheer determination. Therefore, a university goer, an office employee or a simple housewife can easily adapt to a modest lifestyle by turning into a user of halal lipsticks, nail polish, sunscreen, serums and many more variety.

Lafz, is soon becoming the ultimate name in following a halal lifestyle by the people of Bangladesh. In the recent time, there has been an increasing demand of “halal” products. Therefore, even the non-Muslim countries have become extremely halal – conscious to ensure standards of safety in their lifestyle products, cosmetics, food and many more consumables. People who had to gotten halal products from foreign countries or had to order from international websites can easily find the products of Lafz in their nearby store now of Bangladesh. Therefore, there is no doubt that Lafz cansoon be the other name of modesty Globally.