Repatriation process will not be hampered due to Mohibullah’s murder : Momen

Publish: 10:02 PM, October 9, 2021 | Update: 10:02:PM, October 9, 2021

Shafiul Alam, Cox’s Bazar Correspondent
Foreign Secretary Masud bin Momen said that the assassination of Rohingya leader Mohibullah will not be a major obstacle to repatriation, although it could be a short-term setback.

He told this to the reporters at the Cox’s Bazar airport after visiting the Rohingya camp on Saturday afternoon. Masud bin Momen said as a result of Rohingya leader Mohammad Mohibullah murder, not just repatriation, there can be more complicated reasons. Without Mohibullah, repatriation will not only happen, this idea is also not correct. “Repatriation is a huge, complex issue.

This (repatriation) requires the cooperation of the Myanmar government. China is cooperating with us in this regard. So repatriation has the potential to move in that direction. However, the foreign secretary said that the kind of work being done for the repatriation by slain Rohingya Mohibullah and his organization might be hampered in the short term.”

He further added that, “Those who were doing repatriation are a little scared because of the situation after Mohibullah was killed. They think there is some threat to their security. Stakeholders, including the Refugee Relief and Repatriation Office and the Armed Police Battalion (APBN), are working to ensure their safety. This is very important.

Even then, we have a responsibility to address any security issues in our camps. We will strictly control any security threats. We do not think that repatriation will be hampered by Mohibullah’s untimely death. ”

The Foreign Secretary said, “We will try to educate the Rohingyas for a few more days according to the Myanmar curriculum, to develop different skills, which will come in handy when they return to Myanmar. We will be able to impress on these issues when we sit down with Myanmar and China for repatriation process. ”

Shamsud Douza Nayan, Additional Refugee Relief and Repatriation Commissioner said that, a four-member delegation, including Foreign Secretary Masud bin Momen, arrived in Cox’s Bazar on Friday morning for a two-day visit. Later in the afternoon, he held a meeting with the government administration and representatives of various organizations involved in the Rohingya issue. On Saturday morning, members of the delegation visited the Rohingya camp in Ukhia.

Arriving there, members of the delegation met with representatives of the Rohingya community on repatriation. He also inspected the management of the Rohingya camp, including the Covid-19 situation, and held talks with representatives of various organizations, he added.

During the time, Members of the delegation included Fayyaz Murshit Kazi, Secretary General of Western Europe and the European Union, Mohammad Alimuzzaman, Director General of the Office of the Foreign Secretary, Md. Shoaib-ul-Islam Tarafdar, Deputy Secretary of the Cox’s Bazar District Administration Local Government Department Srabonti Roy and Additional Refugee Relief and Repatriation Commissioner Senior Shamsud Douza Nayan along with other officials of the administration including were present.

After visiting the Rohingya camp on Saturday afternoon, a four-member delegation led by the Foreign Secretary left for Dhaka.