Shaken and starred: Bond star Craig honored on Hollywood Walk of Fame

Publish: 6:13 PM, October 9, 2021 | Update: 6:13:PM, October 9, 2021

HOLLYWOOD, United States,  – Britain’s favorite superspy left his mark on Hollywood on Wednesday when Daniel Craig got a star on the Walk of Fame. The world’s suavest action hero was immortalized — appropriately — outside 7007 Hollywood Boulevard, next to fellow Bond actor Roger Moore.

“I never thought I’d hear myself saying this but you know it’s an absolute honor to be walked all over in Hollywood,” Craig quipped as his star was unveiled.

“And if happiness is measured by the company we keep, then, me being on this pavement surrounded by all of these legends, makes me a very, very, very happy man.”

Further down the storied street, where over 2,000 stars pay homage to some of the biggest names of film, television and music, fans gathered to toast their gadget-wielding hero. With martinis, naturally.

Craig’s fifth and final turn as Ian Fleming’s secret agent hits screens around the world this month. “No Time To Die” has received rave reviews — much to the relief of studio bosses, who are banking on the blockbuster to get audiences back after the Covid hiatus.

Actor Rami Malek, who plays Bond’s rival in the 25th installment of the mega franchise, was on hand to offer praise for the star, who he said had been a delight to work with. “If you’re lucky enough to play a bad guy, you’d better make sure the good guy is legendary. This good guy’s the best,” he said.