BNP’s demand for neutral govt totally illogical: Quader

Publish: 12:14 PM, September 30, 2018 | Update: 12:14:PM, September 30, 2018

DHAKA  – Awami League General Secretary and Road Transport and Bridges Minister Obaidul Quader today said the demand of BNP and its allies to form a non-party and neutral government centering the forthcoming national polls is totally illogical.

“The polls will be held as per the constitution … The Election Commission (EC) will conduct the parliamentary elections and the schedule of the polls will be declared after one month. Now their (BNP) demand of forming a non-party and neutral government is illogical,” he told the reporters at a press conference at his secretariat office here.

Quader said their (BNP and allies) demand should be forming a neutral Election Commission, not neutral government.

He said the demand of BNP and Oikkya Prakria (unity process) or Oikkya Front (Unity Front) is unconstitutional. “If the government accepts their demands, the constitution will have to be amended. But now, only one month is left for declaring the polls schedule. Therefore, there is no scope to amend the constitution within this time,” he added.

He said, “The polls-time government will be formed in the month of October.”

The ruling party general secretary said the polls-time government will have no work during the elections. They will do only the routine work and the EC will conduct the polls. The government will not interfere in their (EC) work and the power of the government will also be limited, Quader added.

The minister said, “BNP’s need is a neutral Election Commission. The EC is fully neutral.”

In reply to a question of the reporters, Quader said the situation of Bangladesh is stable. But BNP and their associates are trying to create anarchy through provocation.

About BNP’s participation in polls, Quader said, “Every party has a democratic right to take part in the polls. BNP has also the right to take part in the polls.”

He said none will be allowed to hold rallies on city streets. “We also would not hold any rally on the streets. The prime minister has opened the Suhrawardy Udyan to all. If necessary, we will erect an open stage there and set up microphones,” he added.

The minister said, “We will not declare any counter programme of BNP. We are seeking votes from the common people through distributing leaflets.”

Quader said BNP could not wage any movement for 10 minutes in the last 10 years. They have no such strength, but they are dreaming of toppling down the government, which is really ridiculous, he added.

He said, “A vested quarter is hatching conspiracy when the country is moving forward under the dynamic leadership of Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina… Bangladesh is now a role model of development before the world.”