Army chief takes charge as the ‘Colonel Commandant’ of the Armored Corps

Publish: 9:30 PM, September 22, 2021 | Update: 9:30:PM, September 22, 2021

TBT Report
Army Chief General SM Shafiuddin Ahmed, OSP, NDU, PSC, PhD on Wednesday officially took charge as the ‘8th Colonel Commandant’ of the Armored Corps of the Bangladesh Army on Wednesday . He took over the charge at the inauguration ceremony of Colonel Commandant of the Armored Corps at the Martyr Lt. Badiuzzaman Parade Ground of the Armored Corps Center and School at Majhira Cantonment in Bogura. At the inauguration ceremony, the senior commander of the armored corps and the master warrant officer wore the ‘Colonel Rank Badge’ to the Chief of Army Staff. Apart from the senior officers of the Bangladesh Army, senior officers of the Armored Corps and representatives of the Armored Units and members of various ranks in the Bogura area were present on the occasion, says a press release.

On arrival at the parade square, the army chief was given a formal salute and was given a ‘Guard of Honor’ by a contingent of the Armored Corps. Through this ceremony, as the ‘Colonel Commandant’, the Chief of Army Staff took over as the Guardian of the Armored Corps in accordance with traditional military policy. He then gave his directional address to all present. Later, the Chief of Army Staff laid a wreath at the ‘Armored Eternal’ memorial erected in memory of the heroic martyrs of the Armored Corps who sacrificed their lives in the Great War of Independence and visited the traditional armored museum of the Armored Corps Center and School.

After the ceremony, Chief of Army Staff Armored Corps attended the 41st Annual Conference. He made introductory remarks to the commanders and other officers of the Armored Corps units present at the conference and exchanged views on the development of the Armored Corps, enhancement of professional skills and activities conducted at home and abroad. He spoke about the glorious heritage of the Armored Corps and its contribution to the service of the country and called upon all the members of the Armored Corps to be always ready to meet the challenges of the 21st century through modern and up-to-date training.

The appointment of the Chief of Army Staff as the ‘Colonel Commandant’ of the Corps has reaffirmed the commitment to create a new impetus among the members of this corps and to set a unique example of national service in the days to come.