A combination of music and journalism

Publish: 9:10 PM, September 22, 2021 | Update: 9:10 PM, September 22, 2021

TBT Report
Lazer Wave Records is a team and a record label based in Bangladesh, working hard to represent Bangladesh and It’s people to the international music industry.

Currently Lazer Wave Records has did two music project, each and everything from writing to producing with their two lead artists AYAN and Mrid
Mrid and AYAN both has signed The Outlaw Ocean Music Project, which is an international music project, Inspired by The Newyork Times and Amazon’s 2019 best selling book, “The Outlaw Ocean “by Ian Urbina

Both of the project is a collaboration between AYAN, Mrid and Ian Urbina, every songs has been done with their ( AYAN and Mrid’s) team Lazer Wave Records

Ian Urbina is an investigative reporter for The New York Times and a regular contributor to National Geographic, NPR, Vanity Fair, C-SPAN, and The Atlantic. He has earned numerous awards for his work, including a Pulitzer Prize for breaking news, a Polk Award for international reporting and an Emmy nomination! While The Outlaw Ocean Music Project, it’s a kind collaboration that combines mediums of journalism and music conveying emotion and a sense of place in an enthralling new way. The result is a captivating body of music based on The Outlaw Ocean ( TheNewYork Times best selling book by Ian Urbina). Just recently, Leonardo DiCaprio and Netflix bought the rights to adapt The Outlaw Ocean into a feature film and a streaming docu-series.

The first album ” Leap in Ocean” is an EP album by Mrid with Ian Urbina has been released on December 11, 2020

The EP ( Extend Play) album has 4 songs, every song is composed and produced by Lazer Wave Record’s member Mrid alongside with AyanAadiyaat , Abir Ahmed and Adrito Mahir.

On the otherside Farhan Masud Chowdhury, Ashraful Alam Rayan and Mayabi Aziz contributed their writing skills to the Project as a writer for their team, while Lazer Wave Records helping hand Shahriar Islam Trojar did the additional help

The second album “Tragedy of the commons” is an compilation album featuring various artist and AYAN with Ian Urbina. AYAN has 3 songs on the album, all written and produced by Ayan Aadiyaat and Abir Ahmed while Adrito Ali Mahir, Abirhasan and Ayan Produced the album.
3 songs from AYAN and the album is a collaboration itself with Ian Urbina and the team. Recently, the label has signed another album contract in a collaboration with Ian Urbina called ‘The Noam Chomsky Music Project which is soon to be released

Members of Lazer Wave Records – Ayan Aadiyaat, Abir Ahmed, Adrito Ali Mahir, Arnob Khan , Mohammad Borno, Ashraful Alam Rayan.