Top 9 Must-Have Android Apps

Publish: 7:17 PM, September 21, 2021 | Update: 7:17:PM, September 21, 2021

These days our cell phones are pocket-sized supercomputers with long battery life and professional-grade cameras, but without the best mobile phone apps how can you utilize the device itself?

Available in the Google Play Store are millions of apps that can turn our phones into a mini-PlayStation or a productive powerhouse. Over the last few years, these apps seized the day and made our life faster, easier, and better. Some of the most sought after and useful android mobile apps that are a must-have, especially in Bangladesh, are detailed below. These top 9 apps have been classified into the advanced app modules related to financial transaction, marketplace, transportation, food and browsers.

In case of financial transactions, you can choose to download bKash or Nagad or both. bKash is a Bangladeshi mobile financial service app operating under the authority of Bangladesh Bank. You can easily register through your mobile device and add money through bank/card, bKash agents and other bKash accounts. It will make your transactions easier by payments through your e-wallet as almost every super shop and government organization are accepting their expenses and bills through bKash. On the other hand, Nagad is the digital financial platform of the Bangladesh Post Office. The app is very secure by its two-step PIN verification throughout any transaction. Users of Nagad will get notifications after making the latest activities like cash in, cash out and sending money. You can select numbers directly from your contact list to avoid sending money to the wrong numbers through Nagad.

When it comes to online marketplaces in Bangladesh, takes the lead. This app will allow you to buy and sell across a wide range of products. You can search on the app by putting specific locations and visit local ads to make your desired purchase. This popular classified platform also has a job portal called BikroyJOBS ,where job seekers can search and apply for their desired positions inside and outside the country.

For transportation, Uber and Pathao are the most popular apps. Pathao is a dynamic ride-sharing platform that allows you on-demand transportation, food delivery services and logistic services. You can travel quickly and safely by on-demand motorbikes or cars which will arrive at your destination for pick-up. Similarly, Uber can transport you to your destination through its friendly UI. By opening the app, you need to set your current location and destination and the nearest driver will take you there by accepting your request. You can even share your trip with your friends and family by letting them know your location through the app.

Additionally, talking about top must-have apps must include food-related ones as Bangladeshis are well known for their taste in different food and flavors. Online food delivery services have revolutionized the initiative of enjoying meals. Foodpanda is one of the oldest online food delivery android mobile apps in Bangladesh. This fast and popular food delivery service app will save you from the hassles of table reservations during rush hours and deliver food right at your doorstep. On the other hand, Hungrynaki is the first-ever online food ordering platform in Bangladesh and currently operating in more than 20 cities across the country.

Finally, in case of browsing apps, Firefox and Google Chrome are among the most popular. The joy of using Mozilla Firefox is that it has a clean design. Mozilla has a very clear perspective on the security of the users by emphasizing that the browser is not collecting your personal information. The browser also assists you to hide data from third-party advertisers and by offering a private browsing mode. Nonetheless, Google Chrome is now the globally popular browser and the mobile version of the platform is equally equipped and powerful as the full-fledged desktop edition. You can easily sync among the G Suite apps through the platform as well as download and enjoy the chrome experience with all of your devices simultaneously.

Apps are an instrumental part of our smartphones. Whether you like playing video games with your device, getting work done, or just sitting back and catching up on your favorite Netflix show; there is an app for all of that. However, it may become difficult to choose from the wide variety of apps present in the Google app store so being in the know about the must-have apps can act as a guideline for a smooth and enjoyable smartphone experience.